Learning More About Projectors

What exactly is a projector? It is a machine that helps produce a picture on a screen. Whether it is on a wall or what schools use to show examples.

Growing up my parents would show us movies on a projector. There was no sound but they would narrate what has happened in the videos or pictures. I really liked it. I would eat popcorn and stretch out listening to them and watching the different pictures.

In today’s society, there are so many different types from overhead, to a movie, and lcd.
So many different brands and its hard to choose from.

It is used to give a bigger picture, larger than what is normally seen on TV. A lot of drive-in movie places uses them to. It is helpful because if you cannot really see it makes things a lot better to focus on.

Projectors are used in many different environments. From businesses, personal, schools, churches, and theaters.
It is helpful to use during presentations, sharing memories, and just having fun.

The first projector that was built was in 1867 i believe. It was the first motion picture device. Today you can build your own under 200 dollars. It is amazing how much technology is coming about now.
There are so many different types. So many different colors. The sizes range from the size of your cell phone all the way up to size of a shopping cart.

To find how to get your very own like the ones my parents had for many years, you can research. You can always check out antique stores, shop online, and talk to friends and families. It is amazing how many will turn up.
Just think if we did not keep on building new stuff we would still have movies played with no sound. Some of us may not own a TV, or VCR. Who knows some of us may still be living the same way of watching the pictures and movies on the walls.

I always enjoyed it. It makes me want to go to my parents and have them dug out the projector and start showing me all the wonderful memories that have been in the family for generations. BOLA TANGKAS
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