Learning The Art Of Persuasion

The art of sales is really all about learning the art of persuasion. As a salesperson your task will be to persuade people of one thing or another day in and day out.

It is critical that you become familiar with the art of persuasion if you want to be successful. There are many different parts of persuasion.

The first thing you will need to do if you want to persuade someone of something is to find out what their life or world is like. You need to try to see the world from their perspective and you need to understand their point of view.

In order to do this, you will need to put aside your own belief system and how you view your own world as this will conflict with how they see the world. When you allow some of your own beliefs to mix with the world of the other person you will make false assumptions, which will lead to blunders when you try to persuade them of a particular thing.

As a salesperson you need to realize that sales are all about the potential customer and their life. You have to understand how they think and why they act the way they do if you are going to persuade them of anything.

Once you understand their world, you will need to pay attention to their body language. You may have noticed throughout your life that people like to be around people who are similar to themselves.

If you watch the body language of the other person you will be able to tell whether the other person is nervous, excited, disbelieving, or so forth. This will let you know whether you need to do something to make them more comfortable or if you are getting along pretty well.

In addition, their body language will tell you whether that person is casual, proper, or efficient. When you diagnose which kind of person you are working with, you will be able to imitate similar behavior so that a connection can be made.

This is important because if you are a casual person, you will like to talk to and be with other casual people as well. By understanding how they move, you will have an insight into how they think as well.

Mirror what they do, but do not do it so well that it is disconcerting. Only do it enough that you establish a friendship and a certain level of trust.

Of course, another critical part of becoming friends and establishing a relationship is being cheerful and nice. If you are rude and pessimistic, no one will want to talk to you let along trust you enough to buy something from you.

Not only will being cheerful and happy help the other person open up to you and trust you, but it will often improve their day significantly. If you want to add a little icing on the cake, you can even throw in a sincere compliment when appropriate.

The right combination of happiness and compliments can do wonders for a sale. As they begin to trust you and open up to you, it is important to reward that trust by actually being trustworthy.

You must also be sincere or they will back off. Be sure to let them know that you really are a friend and that if they ever need help with anything or if they have questions they can ask you.

Part of being friends is having the ability to depend on each other. You must be reliable, sincere, and trustworthy.

You can prove this by going the extra mile in everything that you say you will do. Potential clients notice your efforts and they will realize that you are trustworthy.

Once you get to this point you cannot simply ask them and expect them to accept your offer. You have to provide good reasons or evidence that they should buy your product or service.

Without good evidence that they should do it, no one will accept your offer. Be sure to have numbers and stories that prove why they need your product or service.

You must be convincing. It may be a good idea to have them talk to another client about the service so that it is not only you saying that it is a good product or service.

You will also have to show them what is in it for them. If there is nothing in it for them they will not accept your offer, no matter how well you did on all of the previous items. BOLA TANGKAS