Leather Industry Five Years Of Grinding Sword: Slashing The Industry Pollution In The Name –

Leather Industry does not solve the energy conservation problem, it can not solve the fundamental problem of existence, not to mention the long-term development plan, which is leather business nearly a decade, particularly in the last five years of the experience. To this end, China Leather Association, thought, five years of grinding sword, led the establishment of the leather industry Environmental protection Self-discipline team, started the Abstract “pollution Hat “Project. In the recently held self-tanning industry, environmental action groups on the first working meeting, Zhang Shuhua, China Leather Association, said:” Leather Industry Environmental Action Group set up self-discipline and work, is the leather industry commitment to cutting energy use by the passive Pai obligation to take the initiative to actively promote energy saving and emission reduction milestone, marking the leather industry greatly increased environmental awareness, this is a big step forward development of the industry. “

Industry consensus: the survival of energy saving is the industry bottom line
Early as 2006 held in Yantai Professional Committee for the leather, is to energy conservation as its theme, the meeting focused on energy conservation and deeply understand that the survival of the industry bottom line, the meeting in recognition to research focus leather, uniform pollution control operability. Tanning in the following professional committees each year at the annual meeting almost around a theme: the gradient transfer of industries, and continue to realize the energy saving and emission reduction in new ways. From 2006 to 2009, led the Central Paper Association, and the investigation of more than 10 industry experts leather production base, the operation of these bases are summarized experiences and lessons learned. In addition, the Association has done many times with the relevant government departments, industry, sewage disposal and cleaning of leather craft and other aspects of research work, find out the status of development of the industry; to take the lead in the preparation of “emission standards for tanning industry,” the process, the association is also timely related to the Government’s proposal.

This time last year, the State Council promulgated the “planning the restructuring and revitalization of light” in the planning objectives of the leather industry, put forward specific demands. Requirements for energy conservation which, in July 2009, held in Fuxin Leather Professional Committee will be formally proposed initiative, established to promote industry self-regulatory group as the starting point for energy conservation, and trumpeters, and graphically described as “sub Uncap” action; three times in the sixth director of China Leather Association to expand the meeting, Zhang Shuhua, chairman of the working report, clearly put forward specific measures Uncap sub-project, led by the Association set up a “self-tanning industry, environmental action groups “The participants unanimously adopted to include industries beyond its focus.

Achieve self-discipline team lead the deployment of green leather
End of last year, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a “structural adjustments on the leather industry guidance” to the industry has come a clear and specific goals. To this end, the end of China Leather Association, held a “discussion on the establishment of ‘self-tanning industry, environmental protection group,'” Conference on the team building was discussed. After half a year of preparation, the Association completed at the beginning of the work group structure. May 13 morning, self-tanning industry, environmental protection working group held its first meeting, formally unveiled to the industry.

At the meeting, the Panel set up to focus on self-discipline, mission, objectives and future work plans, self-discipline team members held a heated discussion, made a number of constructive comments and, based on the form of leather industry, the issues of “leather Industry ’12 5′ planned development goals and strategies “,” release the tannery environmentally Announcement of the implementation of the program “and” emission standards for tanning industry “and a number of priorities.

The coming period will also assist national authorities to implement the national environmental protection policy, to enhance the tanning industry, the environmental self-discipline, maturity in the industry to promote energy conservation, pollution control technology to guide the formation of a new system of industry leather industry, a new image. BOLA TANGKAS