Legal Transcription vs Medical Transcription vs General

Legal transcription is very complicated due to the different terms used in the process. Legal jargon is very hard to understand since most of the words are presented in latin. Transcribers would need to research the meaning of the words used in order to prevent any mistakes. That is why the applicants hired should have a solid and extensive background on the law. This is necessary in order to establish a smooth and efficient transcription work. Many of the transcribed law materials are journals and books that discuss actual cases. Terms pertaining to the law can be encountered every sentence. If the transcriber is inexperienced in dealing with the law materials, many mistakes can be committed which would disrupt the business process.  

The system used in medical transcription is quite similar with legal transcription but the information being used is different. The transcribers and employees hired should have the necessary knowledge in handling and using medical terms. The employers should screen and filter the applicants through examinations on how to use medical terms. Medical transcriptions involve medical terms such as name of drugs, diseases, disorders and organ parts. The people hired should have science and medically related degrees including nursing, psychology, physical therapy, pharmacy and biology. One of the tasks involved in medical transcription is the listing of the different medications for a pharmaceutical company. If the transcriber commits any mistakes, the patients being treated could be put in danger.

Legal transcription has a great difference with general transcription. General transcription is simpler and easier to accomplish. Any person can be hired to serve as a general transcriber. This is because the terms and words used in general transcription are very simple. The only requirement is having a fast and accurate typing skill. The number of people being hired as general transcribers are greater compared to legal and medical transcribers. This is because the skill level is lesser. In fact, high school graduates can be hired as general transcribers. Legal and law transcribers are required to have college or vocation degrees in order to perform effectively. There is a great difference in the knowledge and skill required.

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