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When a person or an enterprise at the lowest valley, it is often breeds with the biggest rally forces

Known as the “Carnegie of Germany” in Erich? Legendre, is a very unlucky young man.

Him penniless, the boss of admiration, but the boss was secretly altered counterfeit bills invoices, the company dragged into an impasse. Legendre stepped in to be the boss hired as a partner come forward and participate in the restructuring of the consolidation. In order to save the company, Legendre accepted the commission and agreed in the contract add: If you leave the company within the next two years, not in the electrical industry practitioners?? When he was a very large live electrical company. However, in early 1976, the company re-see Bright Time, Legendre was the boss kicked out. This year, his wife took all the furniture away from their common home, my grandmother died of illness, his debts and legal fees as high as six figures. When the poorest, Legendre pocket only 50 marks.

However, Legendre Take it registered only 50 marks CE consumer electronics company, personally designed the CE mark. However, due within two years shall not be employed in the electrical industry, the restrictions, he had to first seek development in foreign countries. Early in 1977, he went to Switzerland, the development of carry-on baggage only one unique handbag and wearing a blue suit. His task is urging the foreign account, first go to the United States and Canada, then went more than 60 countries. He went to the U.S. microelectronics industry Mecca?? Silicon Valley, where the United States set up a CE company, while CE companies set up in Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Branch, and gradually established in the United States and Japan, two business information network, to grasp the world’s IC market trends, the most favorable prices and timely procurement and sales of various electronic components. At the same time at the time of the “IC” are still unfamiliar with the German large-scale publicity and promotion, hundreds of field reports will be held to introduce the microelectronics industry an important influence on the German economy, advertising in professional magazines, describes the performance of microelectronic products, making integrated circuit in Germany, known by the people gradually. Legendre and therefore I am known as “Mr. integrated circuits.”

In market research and self-knowledge, based on Legendre found a gap in the market and a rare opportunity: the German electronics industry mainly depend on the demand for integrated circuits in Germany, the United States and Japan, a division of supply, they rarely have the opportunity to directly in the U.S. and Japan to purchase price. In addition, during the turn of the new and old products, new products, though overwhelming, but the old parts are still in need of the market. But few know where to get, where there is inventory. Legendre end of the company’s business located in the integrated circuit components Proxy Business, trying to one in his mind for many years a dream come true: the agent system was introduced in Germany in order to free a reasonable price, in the IC market has created a new market segment. The move makes it the IC agent one of the pioneers in this industry. Later, the market also proved that agents in this industry is between manufacturers and users of the third force.

When talking about the secret of success, Legendre said: “Success can not be alone, alone, need to have relevant knowledge and experience, equally important is the good relations between colleagues. In my personal and CE companies the growth of the road, played a decisive role in the relationship between the individual and the outside world, not occupation, and also non-financial aspects, but personal contacts, I grew up in and around good people contacts, such contacts with others, listen to others ideas, exchange experiences in my desire played an important role in the development has been the case. This exchange is not only a major force in my career, but also added my spiritual wealth. “

Traveled dozens of countries, so that Legendre has accumulated rich experience with people, and in the future of his career go a long way. In a report at the meeting, Legendre and National Bank of Hungary President met his conversation is keen to capture the development of the Hungarian TV production of information, so that CE companies to become Hungary’s long-term supplier of electronic components.

Company started financing has been plagued Legendre, and a private banker with his contacts, successfully obtained the first batch of loans.