Lemon Pepper Detox

The more modern medical science studies centuries-old home remedies and lays siege to “old wives’ tales,” the more researchers confirm that grandma knew her stuff even if she could not explain the bio-chemistry or talk in fancy medical jargon about things like the “lemon pepper detox”. The more scientists study thousands of chicken soup recipes from around the world, the more they confirm that a potent combination of chicken broth, cayenne pepper, and carrots cures or eases the pain of just about everything; the occasional matzo ball seems to help, too.

Symptoms: First, Visit your Healthcare Professionals

Just because you suffer “common” health complaints, acknowledging that just about every human being everywhere on Earth shares your pain, you do not receive permission to ignore your problems. No matter how common your symptom, you must take it seriously. Moreover, while most physicians grudgingly acknowledge a patients’ intuition, as it often guides them to exactly the right remedy, physicians nevertheless emphasize that experimentation with home remedies and postponement of skilled professional attention often turns relatively minor complaints into serious, life-threatening episodes.

In other words, when you hurt or feel sick, go to your physician or alternative healthcare practitioner. In the best of all situations, consult with both, seeking complementary therapies for your aches, pains, discomforts, and serious complaints.

Almost all the health complaints motivating people to begin a lemon pepper detox may signal serious illness. Excessive or chronic fatigue accompanies serious viral and bacterial infections, especially including some of the most virulent flu strains. Indigestion may result from ulcers, stress-related conditions and anxiety disorders; frequent diarrhea and vomiting naturally associate with infection and food poisoning, and they definitely militate against detox dieting. A frequent cough may point to COPD, emphysema, or incipient lung cancer; especially if you smoke or inhale a lot of second hand smoke, a nagging cough calls out for serious medical attention. Muscle and joint pain may simply result from over-exertion-too much exercise or excessive physical labor; but persistent muscle pain often accompanies clinical depression and serious nutritional deficiencies. Even the most benign lemon pepper detox exacerbates these problems. And insomnia or frequently interrupted sleep can point to everything from anxiety disorder to prostate problems.

Causes: Health Risks Hide in Obvious Places

Sooner or later, you must correlate your symptoms and complaints with your bad habits. If you feel tired all the time, look at your daily planner before you look at your endocrine system: Women are especially prone to exhaustion because their liberation has empowered them to do it all at the expense of rest, exercise, and proper nutrition. Frequently, women care so well for their families they systematically destroy themselves. Similarly, if you feel stressed and depressed, look at your life circumstances before you look at your serotonin levels: Especially in times of economic crisis, stress chemicals crank-up into overdrive, and your fight-or-flight reflexes tense all your muscles and pump your adrenal glands all day every day. Your body cannot sustain its defenses against constant stress. When your muscles relax at the end of the day, accumulated lactates and simple fatigue make them ache. If you smoke, cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke must contribute to your cough, don’t you think? If you consume a lot of coffee and lots of energy drinks, of course they ravage your sleep. If you eat a lot of fast food, of course, you have indigestion. A skilled, experienced physician of any persuasion will advise cleaning up your life and giving-up your bad habits as you naturally detoxify your body.

Progression of Therapies: Do What Doctors Do

Regardless of their philosophic orientations and academic training, all physicians subscribe to the wisdom of progressing, slowly and deliberately, from the least invasive, most benign treatment to more aggressive therapies. Of course, you ought to share their wise approach. No one ever prescribed chemotherapy for a sliver.

Among the most popular detoxification diets, the traditional “Master Cleanse” or lemon pepper detox numbers among the least invasive. The lemon pepper diet also has undergone the greatest clinical scrutiny, because it ranks as the oldest, and because its pioneer ranked among the most controversial characters in homeopathic history. Half-a-century’s everyday practice and a large body of research suggest the traditional combination of lemonade, cayenne, maple syrup, and green tea cleanses your system of free radicals and damaged cells, carries away most common environmental and food-borne toxins and pathogens, promotes healthy digestion, and generally helps you feel better.

In other words, once your healthcare partners have completed comprehensive assessments and assured you have no serious conditions, cautious pursuit of a traditional cleansing diet probably will relieve most of your “common” health complaints. Although you may feel worse before you feel better, over time your lemon pepper detox regulates your endocrine system and restores your hormonal balance, strengthening your immune system so that your body detoxifies naturally. Your traditional detox cleansing boosts your metabolism and improves your digestion, so that you feel more alert and energetic. As your body purges all kinds of toxins and repairs all kinds of damage, your complexion ought to improve, you ought to sleep deeper and dream more productively, and, yes, you should lose a pound or two just about every day.