Lessen the width of the Prius motor / generator with concentrated winding

Toyota improvement employees explained, “When the second generation from the Prius becomes the third generation,” the width of the motor / generator has halved “.
Toyota’s hybrid method like the Prius is equipped with two motors / generators. If it mainly works as a motor and brings about regeneration during deceleration, it is expressed as a motor to show its function.
On the other hand, considering that the motor generator utilised for power generation during operating and engine startup mainly functions as a generator, when describing its function, it is expressed as a generator.
Motors / generators, which mostly operate as engines as power generators, make distinct ways to become the 3rd generation Prius. It is the way of winding the copper wire of the internal geothermal stone.

The two motors / generators utilized in Toyota’s hybrid system, like the Prius, are synchronous systems that use permanent magnets.
This is a strong permanent magnet utilizing rare-earth neodymium for the rotation axis is utilised. In addition, an electromagnet is utilised on the case side of the motor.
There are two ways of winding when wrapping a copper wire around the iron core of the electromagnet, “distributed winding” and “concentrated winding”, two generators from the initial Prius and two generators of the motor / generator Even though it was volumes, from the third generation, it is stated that the generator was concentrated.
By altering this winding technique, we succeeded in miniaturization.

So, what is the difference among distributed winding and concentrated winding?
In distributed winding, electromagnets are arranged inside the motor case, and copper wires are wound around the iron core.
Where copper wire is led to the adjacent iron core, the copper wire overlaps.
Since the copper wires overlap, the width of the whole motor becomes thicker.
– As for the concentrated winding, wind copper wire for each iron core of every electromagnet. It does not share copper wire with other electromagnets, so the windings of the copper wires do not overlap.
Consequently, the width of the motor can be finished thin.

For instance, in the case of winding a hose utilised for watering etc …

When winding a extended hose onto a reel, if you roll it neatly so that there is no gap, it fits nicely in the winder. Nevertheless, if you roll about effortlessly, the hose is wound obliquely, and the hoses overlap each and every other, so the rolled hose gets thicker general, making it tough to match in the winder.
Likewise, if there is a element wrapped obliquely to lead the copper wire to the subsequent core, the overlapping causes the motor / generator to grow to be thick.
Lessen motor / generator width in concentrated winding
So why have you so far adopted distributed windings? That has a excellent reason.
A distributed winding motor / generator is excellent in output and smoothness.
When an electric present flows in the electromagnet and a magnetic force is generated in the electromagnet, the axis of the permanent magnet rotates. When the driver depresses the accelerator pedal, the electric power flowing to the electromagnet increases and the turning power of the motor also increases. At this time, in the distributed winding, the electromagnets of each and every other are connected by a copper wire and are related, so the intensity does not show strength and it can be accelerated smoothly.

– On the other hand, concern when adopting concentrated winding is a problem for the smoothness of acceleration.
Coil wires are wound around every electromagnet in concentrated winding, and the copper wire has no relation with yet another electromagnetic. Therefore, the strength of the motor’s rotational force named “torque fluctuation” is simply vulnerable. The explanation for this is since of a gap among the electromagnet and the electromagnet exactly where the force is interrupted.
It causes a jerky speed change in the course of acceleration. Toyota hated that. Nonetheless, if it is employed as a generator, the fluctuation due to its strength is not straight associated to the acceleration of the vehicle. Consequently, we adopted concentrated winding for the motor / danger used as a generator, and decreased the width to about half.
If the width is reduced to nearly half, the amount of copper wire used will be reduced. Cost will be decreased if parts supplies are lowered. Miniaturization of the motor is straight associated to price tag reduction.
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