Lessons Of Pumping Thighs

The last two years I really trained hard and gave much attention to inflate the leg muscles. But I think I have enough weak tendons, which does not allow me to thrash out my quadriceps. Recommend, as I pump my thighs?
First, you first need to review your daily workout on his feet. It is important for you to take their feet as a separate part of the body, which consists in including their quadriceps, thighs and calves. The day, intended for elaboration of the leg muscles, you should pump all 3 muscle groups with basic exercises that connect to your work all your joints.
You can not pay proper attention to your tendons, possibly because the quadriceps muscles, as well as the biceps, the strongest stand on your body compared to other muscles. Nevertheless, the tendons are also a factor in your success as a bodybuilder. However, there is a tendency among athletes greater emphasis is now placed on the quadriceps, simply because they do not see their tendons in the mirror. But like the triceps biceps tendon attached to a larger volume of the quadriceps muscles and strengthen them. Despite the fact that I’m starting to work on inflating the leg muscles with the quadriceps muscles, I try to implement them without compromising the tendon. In principle, after a few sets of heavy squats, leg presses and stretch marks it is time to work on the tendons to the maximum.

Flexion and traction
I start my training on the tendon with flexion leg lying. When performing this exercise, many make sudden movements and try to turn out. I do not advise you to do this. Your hips and upper legs should be flat on the bench. Lift the weight slowly, carefully monitor motion and not make any sudden jerks. The best effect is achieved by exercise during prolonged strain tendons. At the peak of the movement I make a sharp cut, and my muscles are really starting to burn. I make 10 or 12 reps, a couple of which I am doing a special effort at the end of the movement, what helps me is my partner.
Rigid rod legs following exercise in my workout on his feet, is the most important factor in your success, which is not aware of many athletes perform it incorrectly or do not perform. This is a big mistake on their part. This exercise is very much. I use the grip from the top, slightly narrower than shoulder width, and is recommended to protect your hands with bandages. I’m a little bend at the knees and feet fixed in this position until the lift rod to a level lower legs. So begins the movement itself. Raising the bar, I keep the back straight and look well ahead. Taking the weight, I think of my tendons, not the back. I end up repeating, dropping the barbell back to the level of legs. Never place a bar on the floor until you finish the whole set. I make 8 or 10 repetitions with the same degree of stress
I finish my training on the tendon bend the legs while standing. These motions give the load a different nature than the bending of the legs, lying down, but the movement I perform as slowly and cautiously, as tensing muscles at the peak of their reduction. I make 12.10 repeats. Obviously, you’ll do the exercise with one leg in turn. If you try to execute it with both feet simultaneously, then you will fall. I’m talking basic things, but sometimes the day of training on their feet can knock you astray.
Once again I want to point out that you perform the exercise with properly. Do not make sudden movements and can not sleep. The main thing that your movements were slow and deliberate. I guarantee that if you do the exercises correctly, your hips will grow and flourish before your eyes. BOLA TANGKAS