Let Go of What You Cannot Control to Increase Sales & Reduce Stress

Every year Parade magazine devotes one issue to the salaries of people in government to private industry. I find this truly amazing because why should you or I be concerned about the salaries of others as they are beyond our control?

The reason I mention this is because how much time do small business owners to C-Level executives focus on what they cannot control in their ongoing quest for sales success? How much time is wasted by directing energies to those areas beyond their control such as competitors, the economy, etc.?

Years ago I very wise gentleman who is now a friend and a colleague shared with me what I will be sharing with you. First, take a piece of paper and draw a small circle in the center of that paper. Label it – What I Can Control.

Next draw a larger circle around the first circle. This circle is labeled “What I Can Influence.”

Finally draw a much larger circle encompassing both of the two circles previously draw. Label this circle – What I Cannot Control.

If I were to ask you where do you place much of your energies on a daily basis would you say:

What I Can Control?
What I Can Influence?
What I Cannot Control?

Since I have learned of the 3 Spheres of Control, what I have discovered in working with potential sales coaching (a.k.a. prospects) is well over 90% of them waste their resources including time focusing on what they cannot control. These folks are truly stressing out over things that they cannot control nor influence. The bottom line results are their bottom line results are suffering. Sales Coaching Tip: Time is an action of investment for those who wish to be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits.

Consider if you would invest the time to focus on:

What my potential clients need?
What my existing clients want?
How can I improve my market penetration?
How to build truly authentic relationships?
What actions can I take right now to make my business profitable?

Would you have greater results by looking at what you can control or influence instead of what is beyond your control? Only you know what is important to your business and therefore you have total control over where you place your energies.

Take Action Sales Coaching Tip: Be honest with yourself and look at where you are placing your energies. Remember the old expression: No crying over spilled milk. Invest your resources where you can either control or influence so that you can increase sales, improve profitability and reduce stress.