Let Go On To The Ski Run……….i Want To Pick Up Something

There is a place which is sort of like the capital centre of Lake Tahoe, a place where a lot of things are linked. It is called the Ski Run Marina. It is a place modelled after early Tahoe architecture which gives it a rustic yet cosy feel to the building, plus it also proves that Ski Run Marina isn’t just a marina, but a place where lodging, dining and shopping come together at the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe. With it being almost central point for Lake Tahoe you won’t be surprised to see many Lake Tahoe vacation rentals nearby.

From here you will be able to take to the waters and go boating and try your hand at fishing. It is meant to be fishing season all year round with Mackinaw being the main fish you can catch over in the lakes. You can get on the Tahoe Sport Fishing boat trips in which they will show and take you to the best spots in all of Lake Tahoe. The company is certified by the coast Guards and the headquarters are located in Ski Run Marina. If you haven’t got any fishing gear don’t worry as they also supply everything you can think of when it comes to fishing even a small packed lunch. The same applies if you have a license as they also sell California Fishing License for people over 16 years of age at a cost of $ 13.40/day. Other than Mackinaw you can catch Browns, Rainbows or Kokanee salmon. The Tahoe Sport Fishing Company will clean and sack you catch, but also they have a deal with the restaurants in Ski Run Marina where they can be cooked to perfection.

There is a beautiful beach located right at the footsteps of the Ski Run Marina. It is known for its golden sands. On the beach you will be able to do many activities like parasailing where you can reach to the skies and get some of the best views of the whole of Lake Tahoe. You can also hire boats and jetskis. With the boat rentals you will be able to visit many of Lake Tahoes attractions such as Vikingsholm Castle, Fannette Island, Eagle Falls and the Eastern, Western and Northern shores

The Tahoe Queen that is a Mississippi paddlewheeler departs from the Ski Run Marina. It is a Lake Tahoe icon and has been around since the beginning of the 20th century when there were an abundance of paddlewheelers. On the Tahoe Queen you get the opportunity to tour around Lake Tahoe on a cruise which looks at the history with Mark Twain whilst on the way to Emerald Bay. That is the daytime cruise; The Sierra Sunset Dinner Dance Cruise is always a popular choice with visitors as it is an evening cruise that has a backdrop of the sun setting.

With all these things situated at around Ski Run Marina its not surprising to see that this is a popular place where you can’t fit everything into one day.