Let Your Skin Breathe By Removing Makeup Properly And Completely

Just washing your face thoroughly before going to bed does not suffice. If you apply makeup to your face during the day, you should make sure that all of it is properly removed before going to sleep. Makeup particles left on the skin can lead to clogging of the skin pores which attract bacteria and other microbes leading to acne and other skin infections. Not cleaning the facial skin completely can also lead to early development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Get rid of accumulated makeup particles.

Cleansing is a must for your skins’ health. One should make sure to entirely remove makeup when the day is through. But while removing it, you should be careful to be as gentle on the skin as possible while still effectively removing the make-up. The aim has to be to remove the sticking dust and makeup particles and not to rub off the skin cells. Also excessively harsh treatments can lead to dry skin.

Steps involved in cleansing the face of makeup

• A gentle face wash can be used to wash off the makeup. This should be practiced daily before going to bed. Take care to select a face wash or cleanser as per your skin type. Select a gentle one, so that daily use of the product does not prove harsh for the skin.

• For eye makeup, specific eye makeup removing creams can be used. These are oil based creams and effectively take off the makeup particles adhering to eye lids, lashes and under eye area.

• These days certain make up remover brushes which use sonic vibrations are also available. These can be or are already coated with the cleansing lotion and can be used.

• Exfoliating powders or gels can also be used in combination with the cleansing lotion for washing off makeup. But though cleansers can be used daily, exfoliation should be done only once or twice a weak depending on the skin type and need.

For effective cleansing

• Use warm water for washing the face; it helps remove makeup quickly and efficiently. After washing, pat dry with a soft wash cloth or a cotton ball gently. Now apply your daily moisturizer on the damp skin.

• Start first by removing eye makeup. Follow this by cleansing the face with a lotion or face wash. This would ensure that the oil or makeup particles left over after removing the eye makeup also get completely removed.

• When using sponges to remove makeup, make sure to clean them properly after use and not use them more than 2 or 3 times. This would save one from any skin infections.

• For those with acne and blemishes, specific medicated cleansing lotions and exfoliation gels are also available.

To conclude, makeup makes one look more attractive by covering the skin imperfections but when not removed properly can also lead to skin dilemmas like acne, wrinkles, and blemishes. Thus, by removing the makeup properly, one helps the skin breathe and remain healthy and glowing for longer periods of time.