Letting Everything Go So You Can Be Your True Self

In order to awaken who you really are, you have to set free everything that is not you. Any part of yourself that has been built up, transformed, or altered and doesn’t feel real is not you.  By becoming your true self, you are able to find peace within yourself.  True happiness and contentment can occur when there is no internal conflict between your true self and how you exist. We may believe that we exist as the person we are meant to be, but if we are not happy, then we are not.

If we are not living as our true self, problems, conflicts, and issues will always arise. Anytime we have problems with the world around us, we are not existing as our true self.  Anytime we interact with others in a way that doesn’t feel right, we are not being our true self.  Anytime we find ourselves lost, confused, or do not understand who we are or why we do what we do, we are not living as our true self.  Our ideas, perceptions, and methods we use to relate to our life have changed who we really are.  When we alter our behavior to fit a purpose, we are not being our true self.  When we change who we are to fit in or to adapt, we are not being ourselves.  Every time we alter ourselves, we are adding another layer on top of our true self.  How can one stop this or erase the layers that cover our true self?  We must, at all times, be truly present.  We must not only be present in what is happening in the moment, but be present in who we are and in what we are doing, thinking, and feeling.

When you become aware of yourself, you can begin to see what is real about yourself and what is false. Anything you do which creates a challenge or a problem and feels somehow wrong to you is a part of your false self.  Anytime you feel confused about your behavior at all, it is not you.  Anytime you feel peaceful, at ease, and content, you are being your true self.  Your true self may arise at certain times or moments when you are not altering yourself in some way because you are being present with who you are.  It is only when you lose your awareness that you fall back into being your old self.  To let go of your false self, you need only to be present.  You do not have to know everything about your true self, only that if feels right when you are there.

When you have no confusion, emotionally or mentally unbalanced behavior, or struggles with life, you are your true self. Being you true self allows you to be completely at ease with everything.  You live without struggling, fighting, or behaviors that challenge the peace you could be living with.  Let go of your behavior in the very moment you are in if it doesn’t feel right.  Don’t worry about later, only be aware of now and how you are and how you feel.  If we are aware and present in the moment we are in, then, no matter what, we will always be our true self.  For if we ever feel like we are shifting away from a peaceful and happy state, then we can let it go and continue to exist as our true self.  By staying present, you are always your true self.  When you begin to feel something that doesn’t feel like you, let it go. When you begin to think in a way that disturbs your current state of awareness or that doesn’t fit you, let it go. Always be present and you will always be your true self. When you exist this way there is never a need to ever alter who you are.  By being present and aware, you are always who you are meant to be.