Letting Go of Tension in Standing Meditation – Zhan Zhuang Or Taijiquan

I’m going to tell you a really cool thing.

There is a very specific way your body lets go of tension.

If you already practise Taijiquan, Standing Meditation or Zhan Zhuang, you may or may not have experienced it yet. If you haven’t don’t worry, it’s not like telling you how the Sixth Sense ends. I can’t possibly ruin it for you, because when it does happen to you, it’ll be something so cool that nothing I could say could possibly ruin it for you.

So… you’ll be practising your taijiquan form, or your standing meditation, you’re slipping into the zone, everything is becoming crystal clear, it’s all slowing down, and then…

Some part of you lets go

You’re not sure what’s let go, but you know something has, all by itself, has loosened its limpet grip on some other part of you. You’ll feel that part of you suddenly tremble and then relax. It might happen with bits of you say your arms, then your legs, or it might happen with everything letting go at the same time.

Just let it happen

It can be a little alarming because these are physical and emotional sensations that are unfamiliar to you, but the benefit is there as you’ll feel more relaxed.

You’ll have passed through one level of tension, let go of it and moved down into the next, deeper level of tension where you’ll go through that really cool process all over again.

Letting go of tension is an ongoing cycle, as you let go of one layer of tension, you’ll acquire tension in other areas, think of your body as a house and the amount of tension building up in the house as the dust that settles over time. Every now and again you have to clean the house, so you’ll need to also let go of tension.

Standing meditation is a great way to let go of tension, it’s easy to do, and very effective at relaxing you as well as allowing your body time to heal itself.