Letting go while holding on for dear life

Letting go while holding on for dear life

My goodness we people can be such creatures of habits. If we aren’t careful we will spend our entire lives being just an older version of our younger self. In my case I think my parents should have gave me the middle name of Gonna. One day I am gonna do this and I am gonna do that just as soon as…….I am going to…..I promise you I am the one person who has never ever had any bad habits.

My bad habits had me wrapped up, tied up and bound. I could put my life on pause in a second and leave it there for the right moment. The right moment was not coming but since I was also the queen of excuses, I could always give you the reason. I don’t have time because, I have to many things to do, so I will get to it next week, do you realize how fast that week turned into a year and that year into a decade and……

It took me a while to learn that a lot of my pains, pressures and problems were simply symptoms that were trying to instigate change in my life. Sad but true, the only way I was going to really change was to have a dire consequence. Drop the weight or develop type 2 diabetes! Work hard at keeping passion and excitement in your marriage or it will become just a boring relationship! Give your kid more of you not more stuff or they will simply become empty people trying to fill an emotional void with stuff that never satisfies! My list could go on and on but my main problem was how to change? How to really change?

How do you let go while holding on for dear life? For me the solution materialized, when I came to the realization, that if I changed the way I thought about something it would eventually change the way I acted.

I learned to let go, of my dearly cherished, old habits by holding on tightly to what I wanted to become. It was and still is a totally mental and spiritual game. While my peers were busy telling me how they could never go without eating junk food. My mind was thinking of the benefits that come from healthy eating. I became prepared for health. My desire for good food became stronger than my desire for junk.

Instead of getting excited by a high calorie dessert, or a decadent feast. I became excited about becoming stronger, healthier and in shape. I would learn to do the uncomfortable things that would harness excellent results instead of doing the feel good, easy stuff that wastes valuable time.

I am no longer afraid to grow older, because I am prepared. I now knew it is possible to be a strong and vibrant 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 year old. I now know how to let go while holding on for dear life. I no longer have to try and try and try to change my actions only to stay in the same situation feeling like a failure. I still occasional visit the land of gonna, but I don’t hang around too long.  Now I have discovered that as I change the way I think I change the person I am.

Program yourself for success, be willing to pay the price and unleash your awesome potential.You are made from quality material….believe it… act upon it… flourish and grow.  

 Tammie-Maria Allen ©2006-2010