Leveraging The World Expo, The World Cup Coca-cola In Marketing Efforts – Expo, Coca-cola – Food

As the temperature gradually increased, Carbonated beverages Traditional Sell Season is also around the corner, on Coca-Cola This Beverages Giant is concerned, the possibility of Marketing On the win, is to determine its performance this summer the biggest factor.

Already hosted the World Expo and the upcoming World Cup, was Coca-Cola that its best marketing opportunity.

Recently, in the Expo area, as part of Expo Marketing, Coca-Cola celebrated its high-profile “into 125 years”, the same time, I also found the Expo with the past emphasis is slightly different, the World Cup is also an element Coca-Cola introduced the propaganda activities.

With the industry analysis by high-profile Coca-Cola World Expo, World Cup marketing, or sales of its summer this year, played with good results. Coca-Cola World Expo

celebrate “125 years into”

2010 5 8, Coca-Cola Company, was held in the Expo area series, “congregated Expo, the world music in which” the theme of the celebrations, with tens of thousands of consumers to celebrate its official sees the 125 years. Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau to come to Hong Hao Secretary hereby congratulate Coca-Cola Global Mission E206 carrying a little boy Treasure Expo mascot, visited the world in more than 100 countries and territories will be returned to Coca-Cola “Happy Workshop” for the Coca-Cola to celebrate birthdays. As a highlight of the festivities that night at the birthday concert stars gathered in many heavy-weight star, Jacky Cheung, African-American hip-hop star K’NAAN, Leehom Wang, Fahrenheit, and Jane Zhang, etc. are a few of many famous singers Jiexi the scene, while the World Expo in celebration, come together to celebrate the glorious years of Coca-Cola 100. Coca-Cola World Cup promotion

key elements into Although the theme of this event celebrating the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola, but I have found that, overall World Cup elements are also added to the Coca-Cola’s promotion to become part of a celebration of joy all day long doing my highlights. The finale of the birthday concert, the World Cup elements everywhere.

Climaxes the whole concert, hot atmosphere, more than 2,000 enthusiastic spectators to the Expo hall festooned with red variety of marine. Jane Zhang, Jacky Cheung, as well as the activities of the special guests?? For the first time to China’s African-American hip-hop star K’NAAN close ranks on the first interpretation of the same stage to celebrate the 2010 World Cup South Africa, Coca-Cola theme song of “very start.” It is understood that the theme song has worked in 150 countries and regions, widespread in the world has as many as seven kinds of wonderful interpretation of the language. Coca-Cola World Cup promotion

Ambassador Lok also appeared live concert, the 12 cities around China, for people in South Africa World Cup-style Lok to his unique characteristics of Africa ” Le Le Le Le “(Brrrr) great retroflex to the scene to add more fun elements.

“2010 World Expo in Shanghai and the South African World Cup event is the common human joy, and Coca-Cola is the world’s two events Cooperation Partners, the World Cup in South Africa today, Coca-Cola theme song of “very start” of the live performance so that we can celebrate the birthday, while Coca-Cola China and the World Expo and the World Cup to share the joy and passion, can be said that the three lucky ones. “Coca-Cola Pacific [12.472.13%] Group President Gengzhuo Dong said.

It is understood that Coca-Cola is the only non-FIFA World Cup Wine Partner fine drink. November 2005, Coca-Cola and FIFA in South Africa signed a historic cooperation agreement?? Both global partnership will be a one-time contract to 2022. This is the Coca-Cola Company and the International Olympic Committee, the Great Wall of China after the 2020 contract, on sports is another generous support of for. BOLA TANGKAS