Lg Optimus 7 Pay As You Go : No More Contracts To Control Your Mobile Expense

LG Optimus 7 has been launched with Window Phone hardware. It is next generation smart phone as it is an initiative by Window to bring in a new technology which can stand in competition with Google Android and iPhone. One should go for LG Optimus 7 pay as you go because it has been introduced with a solid body and is pretty good to look at. The display has Gorilla display glass. The body is made up of stainless steel back cover as many companies are working on environmental based products.

The mechanical navigation button at the bottom of the display has made this phone user-friendly. You can run application with an inadvertent key press. The OS software by Window helps you to get connected without a hitch to your email and social networking accounts. You can easily copy /paste content or links on the web or in your phone diary. You can also use mapping feature to view the maps and find a location you are searching for. You can also manage your local search and navigation points. Its friend in hand to guide you where ever you want to go.

LG Optimus 7 pay as you go comes with a 5 megapixel camera and has a good enough point and shoot camera for clicking pictures. The picture quality is excellent during the day environment and good at the night. You can easily as well as quickly save same the pictures. You can use the shutter button to save the picture. It does not take time to save pictures taken from the camera. You can share you pictures on Facebook and Microsoft live SkyDrive. You are given the option to select the privacy option on the Facebook when you upload the picture. On LG Optimus 7 O2 provides the best deals for pay as you go. Their plan helps you to bring down you calling cost also.