LG Secret – Impressive, Functional and Desirable

Dashing looks and debonair styling provide an eccentric backdrop to this phones functionality. Its feature packed with looks and functions that make it the envy of many. The aim of the LG secret is simple, provide an exquisite style and useful features that make this phone the type of phone you simply won’t want to put down. Although a slider phone, it could quite easily be mistaken for a touch screen, with its singular 2.4 inch large screen which stands out.

The phone uses an ingenious touchpad navigation panel with haptic feedback, this is a feature that essentially provides a little kickback when keys are pressed to give the user an additional sensory experience. The touchpad navigation panel enable the user to access all the major functions of the phone and change all the major settings. Its integrated feel allows the user to navigate with very little pressure required. The phone is futuristic in looks and the theme is continued throughout the casing, being made of carbon fibre with a scratch resistant tempered glass as it is.

A superb 5.0 megapixel camera offers quality and resolution of a standalone digital camera. Its features, of which there are many, include Auto focus, to ensure that not only is the photo quality excellent but ultimately that it’s in focus. The camera is also the focal point for several other features such as 3g video calling, which offers the ability to view and talk to someone who also has a 3g video phone. A Video recorder is in built and records at an impressive 120 frames per second as well having the ability to play several video formats such as divX. A built in accelerometer offers portrait or landscape format when viewing images or video.

Connectivity comes in multiple formats with this phone, Blue tooth enables file transfer between blue tooth enabled devices. HSDPA offers a fast internet connection to enable web browsing and file uploads to favoured social media websites. Wi-Fi and UMA completes the package.

Entertainment comes in the form of an extensive media player and FM radio, all with an expandable 100 Mb of internal memory. Although substantial, it’s never enough and the microSD slot offers memory card expansion if required.

This phone provides a stable and effective phone intermixed with stylish looks and functions that offer the consumer everything they could need from a phone.