LG Venus KF600 Review – Should You Go For Fashion in LG Venus KF600?

If there’s one word to describe LG Venus KF600, it would be fashion. It’s basically what this sytlish gadget is all about. What makes it unique though is its two-screen design. LG Venus KF600 has a sophistication design which comes bringing the most functional features and yet providing something new and fresh for its classy users.

Great Features in a Fashionable Phone

The two-screen feature is quite great. You have the lower screen as a functional interact pad for easy navigation. LG KF600 has a 2-inch, 262k colors and QVGA TFT display. Many people also appreciate the great themed displays. With the clear screen display, you will get a nice view of details on it. Of course, it really helps that the screen displays vibrant and dynamic colors.

You’d most likely want a mobile phone that has a solid feel and yet one that does not weigh a ton. LG Venus KF600 seems to satisfy this standard. At dimensions of 101.2 x 50.7 x 14.1 mm and Weighing barely more than 100 grams,it feels light, solid but not fragile. It rather feels good to the hand and easy to operate using one hand only.

On the other hand, not many people check out the memory capabilities of the mobile phone but it’s as important as the features. You will not be able to store enough of your favorite songs and some important data with a miniscule of memory. While LG Venus KF600 has quite a bit support with 40 megabytes at this end, the user has the option to expand this memory up to 2 gigabytes of memory. But one more thing to notice – the memory card slot doesn’t support hot-swap operation.

LG Venus KF600 also sports a nice camera with autofocus and LED flash. Everywhere you go, you can easily take photos and videos of virtually anything that interests you. It has a built in flash so lowlight situations should not be much of a problem. With the autofocus function, you can be sure that you will get a clear photo of your subject. The images we got are impressively good which ranks this 3MP shooters among the better side of 3MP snappers. However, the speed is disappointing slow that it costs us about 5s to save a photo.

For connectivity, the LG Venus KF600 is equipped with the Bluetooth technology so documents and even music can be transferred to and fro other Bluetooth capable devices. This makes it easy for you to share such files with other people or make entertainment easy and mobile.

Alternatively, sharing files can also be done using the USB cable. If you need documents and other files to be stored in your desktop, laptop and other devices with USB connectivity, you can easily transfer them to your LG Venus KF600. If you want to import songs, you can do the same as well. With the built-in EDGE technology, files can even be transferred at a faster rate.

Of course, it helps that the LG Venus KF600 is a tri band mobile phone. This means that you can use your LG Venus KF600 even when in travel around Europe and in most cities of the US. This means that you will not be out of reach even when traveling. With a talk time of around two and half hours, you can always keep in touch with your family, friends and coworkers.

What will make you even more reachable using the LG Venus KF600 is the Internet access. Equipped with browser capabilities, you can browse the Internet anywhere you go. You can also send and receive emails with your LG Venus KF600. Of course, this fashion phone can also send and receive SMS and MMS.

What People Have to Say

With all the features enumerated above, the LG Venus KF600 is packed with great and even unique features. Nevertheless, you may have noticed some glitch with vibration alert feature and missing of 3G support. But then again, LG Venus KF600 is indeed a cool phone for the young and those who desire a handset with unique functions.