Lgn Prosperity Opportunity And Business Review

LGN Prosperity opened its doors in August of 2007 under the management of CEO James Ward. This entrepreneur has had much experience in the financial industry where he started his journey on Wall Street. So what is LGN all about, and what is the opportunity that could possibly set you free?

LGN Prosperity is in fact a multilevel marketing opportunity online with its main focus, or product, being based upon an Internet training program. The products themselves will be mostly in downloadable software and E-books designed to help you familiarize yourself with some facets of marketing online. Some software is designed around the web 2.0 strategies which are still highly debated between many in the SEO world on how effective these strategies truly are. Other products include Travel Vouchers and audio CD’s on self improvement from some of the top most leaders and coaches in the self development industry. There are also live training webinars that come with the packaged products that could be of good use to new members.

The company does provide a replicated website with the products readily available for purchase to the public at large. However, replicated sites do not guarantee traffic and as a matter of fact, LGN Prosperity does create a sense of need for the member to purchase a separate domain name in the FAQ section on the website. The reason for this of course is the fact that there could be thousands if not tens of thousands of individuals with the same site and this causes heavy saturation and little if no traffic at all to your website.

The compensation plan is built upon a 2×2 Matrix plan, very common in the mlm industry. The system is also based upon a cycle plan which means you recruit 2 individuals then as soon as they do the same you cycle through and finally make your commission.  This is a duplication based plan and will take work from the individual members to create a substantial income from home.

Internet marketing comes with a learning curve and the industry is highly saturated and to pile upon this fact, the attrition rate is extremely high. Learning to effectively brand yourself quickly as a leader in this particular opportunity could help you find the success that many are looking for. LGN Prosperity does come at an entry fee of nearly $ 300 dollars and with some good training, but does lack in some areas after further inspection.