Li Gui Not Found The Naked Eye Difficult To Know The Private System Solar Water Heater

Energy-saving solar water heaters because of, environmental protection, safety, benefits, and been popular with consumers. Recently, some media reports, found in Hengxian solar water heater system, a small private workshop, the public spent several thousand dollars to buy the name brand solar water heater may be small workshops manufactured “fake.” The existence of fake and counterfeit products in our city solar water heater do? Reporter has been carrying out visits.

Assembled product safety hazards exist Reporter visited Yulin City West found that education, at present, the city’s solar water heaters on the market many brands, in addition to the familiar sun Tsinghua, Tsinghua purple, beauty, Huang Ming, Sang Le, Mu-Song of Four Seasons and other famous brands, but also nearly two years to market new brands, approximately every 20 meters of solar water heaters have an operating store, prices ranged from 2000 to 5000 yuan. America’s solar water heater store staff surnamed Wen told reporters, solar water heater is only a certain sense “intermediate”, before, during, and after service as a product using the results of the key factors. Some counterfeit products and low prices, inevitably compromised the quality of the product or service on “diminished” or indifferent service. Not only damaged the credibility of the brand manufacturers, but also for consumers personal safety and security. Unlike ordinary solar water heaters, household appliances, the product composition and installation requirements are more specific, there are certain technical requirements. If consumers buy a solar water heater used by the host pipe, fittings, etc. are not original factory standard, but the market to buy the “assembly products”, then the process will be in use there are some security risks.

Difficult to know the naked eye, “Li Gui”

How to identify fake solar water heater?’s Careful observation of several types of solar water heaters, water heaters, although the structure of the entire platform is relatively simple, but in the core tube, screw, water tanks are mounted on a particular brand of special words, the water tank on also affixed the brand label. Many shopkeepers told reporters interview, in fact, a single copy of Solar water heater is easy from the appearance of “sneak” to deceive consumers, the naked eye difficult to know, “Li Gui”, can be priced as a reference. Brand-name solar water heater manufacturers have strict management for parts, lawless elements can not be easily obtained materials. If consumers purchase price to be lower than the store near thousand dollars, then we must consider the authenticity of a product, brand factory has strong financial backing, strict uniform ex-factory price, agents can not lower than the ex-factory price sell the product.

Yet found that the private system solar water heater

Thunis agent Xie Shoufen solar water heater, said counterfeit products are generally no formal sales invoices, and no reliable after-sales service. General warranty for one year or three years, while the old solar water heater can be five-year warranty. Thunis Yulin entered the market in 2006, agents only one vendor is also the unity of county agents getting goods from the city so far not been found to sell counterfeit products, counterfeiting of the brand once they are found illegal traders will the use of legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company. City of Quality and Technical Inspection Bureau, a staff member told this reporter, the city has not yet found a solar water heater workshop privately, if found to be strictly investigated.

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