Liberator Black Label

Liberator wedge black labelSoft Core: Here’s where the magic happens. They call it Champagne Foam because it will fill you with heady notions. Carefully engineered to support two bodies in motion, this soft stabilizer makes the most advanced positions in the Kama Sutra look easy.The Wedge liberator and Ramp are made from a urethane foam and have a velvet feel micro cover to provide the ultimate in comfort. The wedges have a nice heavy weight so you won’t slide. It will keep you fixed in your position. The foam actually molds to your body, securing you in place.

The liberator wedge is a great way to conveniently and comfortably hit the G spot. Regardless of your preferred sexual position, you can use the wedge to achieve the optimum angle when penetrating the vagina. You can use this for the missionary, doggie-style, and other positions. While these positions can be achieved without the wedge, the sex furniture allows maximum comfort for the user. You won’t have to strain your body too much to accomplish the positions.

With the The liberator wedge , you and your associate will expertise extra orgasms and have extra of a connection sexually. So try one in the present day and get nearer in giving your partner the perfect sexual expertise of their life.

Sex furniture pieces have come and gone. Some are set aside into the crevices of S&M fantasies and the like. There are, however, pieces of sex furniture that have become mainstream, partly because of their proven benefits. One of these is the liberator wedge. As the name implies, the liberator wedge is an angled pillow that wedges the pelvis to the optimal angle. This allows strategic penetration and penile, toy, finger, or tongue exploration.