Life changing events – What is yours going to be?

And more importantly, how do you use it to your advantage? When something happens in your life, something big enough to alter the way you thought you life was panning out, it is truly life changing. Events such as redundancy, divorce, a death in the family or a child being born can all have a dramatic effect on how your life used to be.

Mine occurred with the birth of our first son. Not only was it a truly magical experience to become a father, but it also changed my whole outlook on life. My priorities changed, and my partner and I suddenly started to take second place in most decisions. We have, however, tried to continue living our lives to the full, but now as a family. We have both made a conscious effort to spend as much time with our son as possible.

With that in mind, I gave up my full time job as a commercial sales executive to become a stay at home dad. I spend my free time in the week watching him grow through the stages of his early life. I can honestly say I haven’t missed anything, from him turning over for the first time, to crawling and now negotiating the stairs with me beside him. The whole experience was a life changing event I was determined not to miss.

And with this life changing event came a change in my view on my home and work life balance. I used this event to propel me into doing something I have always dreamt about… running my own business. But even better than that, I have achieved this dream from home whilst still being able to spend quality time with our son. I can even still find time to play golf at the weekends, play badminton, squash and take the family swimming as well.  My wife has time to go to the gym and also to spend quality time with our son and me. I believe we have found the nearest perfect balance in our lives, all through our decision to start a family.

But not all life changing events seem positive at the time. A death of a family member or close friend can be traumatic. However, I know of some who will grieve as is only natural, but will then endeavour to get even more our of their lives.

Being made redundant from your job can make you feel as though the rug has been pulled from beneath you, often through no fault of you own. I know this from my own experience of redundancy. But if you use this time wisely, you could springboard yourself into a new career that you probably hadn’t even considered before.

With most life changing experiences, it is how you respond that will determine the effect that the event has on your life. With a positive approach, many experiences can be used to your advantage and give you the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, or maybe even something you hadn’t even dreamt of.


Change your life before something does it for you.