Liling In Hunan Will Become The Base For Ceramic Industry

“Will fight to create a State vinegar hills porcelain porcelain.” Recently, the Hunan Provincial Committee, deputy secretary and acting governor Zhou Bohua to Liling-site office, for the development of ceramic industry in Liling, higher demands; and said: the provincial government fully supports the construction of Hunan Liling ceramic industry base. Liling have long ambitious. Last year, in June, the city will submit a report to the provincial authorities to seek to in Liling, Hunan Province symbol of ceramics as the construction industry.

In recent years, the world’s ceramic production from the developed to developing countries, China’s ceramics will occupy in the international market, more and more of the share. Liling ceramics will be with the province to speed up the process of industrialization which has leapt to a new level. Liling vigorously develop the ceramic industry, there are product advantages.

Since the founding of New China, there have been more than 50 kinds of products have been quality award. “Shuangfeng” brand underglaze color four times won national gold medal and was selected as the national gift porcelain. Stoneware-selling international market and become export-quality products. There are people advantages. For thousands of years the same strain of the ceramic culture, business knowledge, management philosophy influenced by a large number of technology development, business management, marketing and other aspects of personnel; set up in the city’s province of ceramics research institute to develop, bringing together a number of ceramic experts and technical the backbone of industrial development, a valuable intangible asset.

Have a market advantage. The city’s ceramic products are sold in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and occupy the country porcelain 7.2% market share. Have the right to export ceramics production enterprises has reached 35, exports more than 50 countries on five continents and regions, exports amounted to 100 million U.S. dollars. Low-cost advantages. Liling porcelain clay is rich in mineral resources, there are a large number of skilled industrial workers, labor costs are relatively low.

There are institutional advantages. The vast majority of ceramics production enterprises in the city has been “privatized” and established a market economy demands a flexible mechanism for enterprises to develop markedly enhanced vitality. Liling the development of the pottery industry but there are many bottlenecks. Many enterprises, small scale industrial concentration is low. Be found in all townships ceramics factory, many still stuck in the “workshop” stage, “enterprise” quantity, but on a smaller scale.

Specialized division of labor, intensification is low. Product variety is complete, but the structure is irrational. More than traditional products, new product less over-reliance on porcelain and industrial porcelain ceramic output value is less than half the proportion of construction ceramics and high-tech ceramics is too small. Low-tech and low added value accounted for the main part of the low-grade ceramics.

Exports are mostly middle and low of daily-use porcelain. The majority of weak corporate brand awareness, with more award-winning brand, but a lack of brand names. In the city registered 60 trademarks in the ceramics, failure has reached one quarter, the real use of the trademark only one-third of companies. Due to the lack of well-known products in the international market on exchange price has been hovering at a low level.

After the city’s investigation and research, the development of ceramic industry has come up with the idea: The five years time, the ceramics industry as a professional sound production and more intensive management of a complete system of modern ceramics industry to make ceramic output from the present 40 billion to 10.0 billion into the province’s ceramics industry to make bases in Liling, the country’s major export base for ceramic and eventually Liling into an international ceramics manufacturing plant. Around this goal, the city is currently made from three forces: the promotion of industrial division of labor, and upgrading its industries. Construction of mud glaze production centers, modeling centers, burn centers, packaging center and logistics center, grasp the key processes ceramic industry specialization.

At present, the five centers of the construction are being entered the implementation stage. After trading company in the city set up ceramic, ceramic product design companies, and promote the industrial division of labor to increase their specialization, the level of concentration to significantly reduce product costs and improve competitiveness. Improve the hardware facilities, strengthening the industrial platform. Construction Ceramics Science and Technology Industrial Park, ceramic industry incubation Park, International Ceramic Research Institute and Hunan Liling Ceramic Institute, for the development of ceramic industry, an important support.

Completed for 2004, “Sichuan gas into the sweet wine” project to solve the energy problems of ceramic enterprises and pollution problems, to further improve the quality of ceramic products. Has completed the measurement of long-distance pipelines and city gate stations geological exploration work, start a distribution network laying works. Support scale enterprises, leading foundry industry. In accordance with “relying on industry leading cast, relying on leading Xing industries,” the idea, select a group of strong competition in the market development potential of the enterprises in the capital investment, policy support and guidance and key management system, tilt, forming a group of industry leading. BOLA TANGKAS