Linux Hard Drive Crash And Linux Data Recovery

Linux is a popular operating system, known as an actual techies’ operating system. The robust architecture and open source coding of the operating system insures that it can’t be affected by viruses and other malicious programs easily.

However, even the Linux is prone to situations where you may lose hard drive volumes and data. Hard drive crash is one such kind of situation that leads to significant data loss and needs Linux Hard Drive Recovery to be sorted out.

The hard drive crash is a situation where you cannot access your data from a properly configured system, however the data is still there. The hard drive may get crashed during normal computer operations, or because of external reasons, like power outages and heat. You must have an effective backup plan to save your data, but if it is not available; commercial recovery software and services are required to overcome the problem.

Linux hard drive may crash due to numerous reasons, which are broadly categorized into two major groups: Logical Failure and Physical Failure. Irrespective of the cause of hard drive crash, your data is still recoverable from Linux hard drive.

Symptoms of Linux hard drive crash

Computer is unresponsive or unbootable.

You encounter error messages, which indicates hard drive is unrecognized.

Black screen at start up.

Grinding or clicking sounds coming from hard drive.

System generally stops responding, restarts, or you cannot run any application.

Error messages related to missing or damaged data structures, like file system and Superblock.

When you encounter any of the above situations with your Linux computer, the very first thing that you need to do is determine the type of problem. Whether it is logical failure or it’s caused by breakdown of mechanical hard drive components.

In case of logical hard drive failure, you can recover lost data in a quick and easy way through Linux hard drive recovery software. The applications carry out extensive scan of whole hard drive using advanced scanning methods and extract all lost, missing, and inaccessible data from it.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the foremost provider of both types of Linux Hard Drive Recovery solutions. The software is able to recover data from Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 file system volumes of all major Linux distributions.