Lionfish Are Causing Difficulties In The Waters Of The Cayman Islands

Lionfish are at house in their natural habitat, the waters of the Indo-Pacific. If you have not traveled to this area on a diving trip there is a very good opportunity you have seen one particular of these exotic fish in an aquarium or even at the property of a pal with a salt water fish tank. Lionfish are stunning and exclusive creatures that are highly sought after by exotic fish collectors. These desirable creatures are now the lead to for concern with numerous marine biologists monitoring under water eco systems in the Atlantic and Caribbean. The lionfish is not a native of these waters but several scientists believe that an accident in the course of Hurricane Andrew that demolished a shore side aquarium in Florida is accountable for introducing six of these fish into the Atlantic. Even though it may possibly be challenging to understand at initial how six fish could possibly effect the eco method of an whole ocean, these who study these magnificent creatures are conscious that their rate of reproduction combined with the lionfish’s location high on the ocean food chain, have led to enormous population development over the final couple decades. A female lionfish produces anywhere from 4 thousand to thirty thousand eggs each and every reproductive cycle. The gestation period for these eggs is only about thirty days so the lionfish population grows at a price that is faster than most other ocean life. As soon as these fish have made it to maturity they can live for as many as fifteen years. The lionfish are predatory and can overrun a coral reef eco technique. Their fins are extremely poisonous so they pose a critical danger to individuals who take pleasure in beneath water exploration.

Governments across the Caribbean have been building programs to assist get the lionfish population below handle. In the Cayman Islands, a group of diving instructors and guides have come together to offer you a discount and incentive system to any person willing to aid in the work to decrease the damaging lionfish population. The Cayman Island Marine Conservation Board has granted permission to a number of dive operators to offer you courses that specifically train divers willing to help with the operation. In exchange, after completion of the course, all attendees are offered a PADI c-card and a culling license specifically for lionfish.

A lot of of the dive shops in the Cayman Islands are taking this opportunity to offer special deals to locals and vacationers who are interested in taking a course to turn into certified to dive and support in the culling efforts. Even though there are no plans to try to eliminate the lionfish fully, the increasing initiatives to get rid of some of the lionfish population are helping to shield the islands indigenous marine wildlife.

Dive shops are not the only businesses obtaining involved in the efforts to reduce the presence of lionfish in the waters off the Cayman Islands. A lot of chefs and culinary institutes are working to make lionfish a well-known menu item at dinning areas across the Cayman Islands. Sustainable seafood supporters are searching at the lionfish issue as a way to encourage visitors and locals to contain lionfish in their diets. The fast reproduction of these fish offers other well-known fish like snapper and conch a chance to replenish and keep away from over harvesting the islands delicate marine life.
Punkh _ Insaan – Indo-German Band

Band: Punkh
Song: Insaan
Language: Hindi
Nation of origin: India / Germany

Deepak Nair — Vocals
Karan Sharma — Guitars
Joshua Grant — Drums
Yanger Sanglir — Bass

About Punkh:
Understanding Punkh’s point of origin requires the clock to be rewound to the Nineties when the core of the Delhi five some went beneath the moniker Krossbreedz. From there it morphed into an avatar known as Arth and finally Truecolors ahead of settling into an International rock configuration known as Guru.

This crash course in musical history is important in the context of understanding Punkh’s most recent clutch of original tunes, Karmah. A distillation of the varied musical experiences that Deepak ‘Dean’ Nair, the frontman of Punkh has soaked up in the course of his time in the numerous outfits below advisement, Karmah combines heavy duty riff rock from the nu-metal era with distinct Indian components and soaring vocals heavily reminiscent of the Eighties when all rock singers seemed hell-bent on punching holes in the stratosphere with their voice.

In contrast to the initial line-up which toured by means of Germany and Singapore and was behind the self-titled debut album with EMI Virgin Music in 2007, Punkh now comprises of some of the greatest Rock-Metal musicians from the scene. The all round sound is polished without sacrificing the primal edge that forms the cornerstone of all rock ‘n’ roll setting the tone for the band’s new musical statement.

In the recent previous Punkh has been featured on an international compilation album released by EMI Music, France: Voyage au coeur de l’inde [Songs from the heart of India] and the Compilation Album India Rocks Vol -1 by Virgin Music, India. Lead vocalist Deepak Nair undertook frontman duties for Bandish [2009-2011] and was featured alongside popular singer KK and master percussionist Pete Lockette on the bands 2nd album with Universal Music, India. Lead Guitarist Karan Sharma is also the axe-man for the acclaimed world music band Mrigya. The Karmah E.P is out now and was featured on the BBC Introducing show in August 2012.