Liquor industry profits strong gains as foreign in the eyes of “fat” – white wine, foreign investment – Food Industry

Why Chinese liquor industry to become the eyes of foreign investors, “fat”? Liquor industry in terms of foreign investment in the end there is a big attraction?

, Of course, coveted by foreign or Chinese liquor industry, the key to the high Chinese and the profits of the industry. Driven by high profits

: average annual growth of 30% A group of industry forecast seems to illustrate the problem: by 2012, China liquor manufacturing industry, industrial output value will reach 3,827.5 billion; revenue of about 23.2% average annual growth rate in 2012 revenues will reach 3,190.7 billion; average annual profit growth of about 31.8%, profits in 2012 will reach 56.08 billion yuan.

In addition, listed companies from the liquor section of financial analysis and industry statistics show that many high-end liquor products are more than 70% gross margin, the National Liquor Maotai The gross profit margin as high as 90%; In recent years, a leading enterprise of domestic white wine category has remained about 30% of the average annual growth rate.

Post-crisis era: opportunities for highlighting CBCT Brand Marketing , The chairman of Li Zhi from March 8 to accept “Securities Daily” interview that the liquor industry, unlike other industries in recent years as a high-profile, foreign investment has not caused too much attention; Financial Crisis, the impact of other industries are large, performance is not as white on the stability of the various industries comprehensive comparison, the liquor industry is still relatively safe area of investment will be, the value of its investment after the financial crisis has more prominence.

Zhi from the analysis, the liquor industry’s attractiveness for foreign investors mainly, first, the development of China’s liquor industry in recent years have been better, most companies are to live well, in addition to China’s liquor industry Maotai, Wuliangye (000,858, stock it), such as the National Jiannanchun strong brand, the place also had some strong brands, industry average profitability, return on investment is much higher than other industries. Second, some liquor companies, including Shuijingfang (600,779, stock it), including its plate is not too large nor too large amount of money needed, the funds generally Jige Yi can be controlled, for deep-pocketed foreign investors giant speaking, it should be easier to intervene. Thirdly, many liquor companies, if only the status quo, not bad money; but if really need to do big, strong, out of limitations of the region if there are insufficient funds problem.

High-end trend: a greater profit margin

Present trend of high-end liquor more and more obvious, since Li Zhi said, “Everyone in the higher-priced line, so profit margins are higher, the original liquor is cheaper, and now frequently 5 600, 7 800, How much is the cost of it? “

With such a profit model, an analyst at Guotai Junan Hong-ting that, although most of the liquor business in business management, brand building, investment efficiency is not brilliant, but also can make money.

The other hand, the domestic liquor companies in brand management, brand building on some of the weak links, but also to foreign investors see the liquor industry more room for development.

Mr Lee also pointed out that since the current domestic liquor company’s marketing management is quite extensive, and large are some advantages with the historic past, has made some “Wild World” status, the concept of brand marketing is still relatively extensive primitive. Now is the best example Maotai liquor business, but we have seen is mainly Wine Specific policy environment to live it more moist, innovation has less to Maotai the most important historical resources, the Government or his efforts to support very large, much like the previous monopoly.

CCTV reporter noted that the recent launch of Maotai in a “platinum wine” Health wine Advertising, single ad creative from the point of view, and Shi Yuzhu and Wuliangye (000,858, stock it) Cooperation Launch of the “gold wine” seems to be exactly the same. Li Zhi from this that the domestic line of white corporate marketing strategy and tactics are generally not too high out, mainly to follow, imitate, and their “innovation” is not high external evaluation, Maotai truly innovative aspect of their own across the whole country store channel model implementation.