List of Foods with Anti-cancer Effects

Experts said that there are many ways to prevent cancer, including diet, sleep, mood and environment. The following are some anti-cancer foods. According to the latest reports, I will give a list to everyone.

Rank 1: Tea

People have mixed tea in the feed to mice that have cancer cells. They found that cancer cells have been inhibited and decreased after three weeks. According to another report, a substance in tea can inhibit cancer cells of different parts via the blood circulation. The benefits of tea which have been proved now are to prevent cancer including lung, esophagus, liver, and colon cancer, regulate blood lipids, lower blood sugar, enhance immunity, and prevent smoke damage.

Rank 2: Wheat bran

Bran not only can be used in adjuvant therapy of diabetes, blood cholesterol, high blood lipids, constipation, obesity, dental caries and other diseases, but also could prevent the occurrence of colon cancer. Wheat bran is rich in cellulose, and cellulose is an insoluble fiber, which can dilute the intestinal carcinogens, accelerate the rate of food through the intestine to promote bowel movements and reduce the chance of exposure to carcinogens and the intestinal tract.

Rank 3: Corn

Corn can prevent high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stones and other urinary tract diseases, and it plays a role in preventing cancer. American medical community pointed out that the coarse cornmeal contains large amounts of amino acids, which have significant effect on the inhibition of cancer. In addition, the maize glutathione could form glutathione oxidase with participation of selenium. This substance could eliminate the activation of chemical carcinogens.

Rank 4: Plum

Plum can enhance the phagocytic activity of white blood cells, improve immune function, and have adjuvant treatment of penile cancer and cervical cancer.

Rank 5: Soybean

Soybean contains at least 5 anti-cancer substances. One of them is similar to a commonly used drug to treat estrogen-dependent breast cancer. It has been used for large-scale clinical trials.

The above foods are commonly eaten in our daily life. Eating them frequently could prevent our body far from cancer.