Live Replay Feature Is Important Factor To Choose a Webinar

The capability of live replay is very important factor for a webmaster or small business owner to choose a webinar provider for creating and broadcasting a video seminar. Its advantages are overall viewership increasing and viewers having a better understanding of the message you are trying to present.


But first, when it comes to webinars, what exactly is “live replay”? Unlike the standard video conference where all attendants must be at specific site, at a specific time and day, live replay allows you to record the entire video seminar, and then let people view the webinar at their convenience. Think of the difficulty in getting 1000 people to log in and view a webinar at the exact same time. Not only would it be unlikely to expect a majority of those individuals to see the webinar, but even if all 1000 of them did sign on at the appropriate time, the additional hosting strains on the webinar provider from so many people logging in simultaneously can cause problematic issues like poor video and audio broadcasts, if not jamming up the servers entirely and totally preventing the webinar from taking place at all (and good luck trying to get those same 1000 people to rearrange their schedules a second time to view the webinar).


Using a webinar provider that offers live replay maximizes the amount of people who actually view the video seminar that you have produced. Instead of having to be at the computer at an exact time and date, potential viewers have the luxury of seeing the webinar at a time when it best works for them. This fact alone will multiply the amount of people that will see your webinar. Too many events can cause people to be late, and by expecting them to be at your site at a certain time, you will lose a large percentage of those eyes just from every day occurrences. By using live replay webinars, you aren’t losing anyone due to this reason.


Another key benefit of using a webinar provider that offers live replay is the ability for the viewer to pause the video or replay a portion (or all) of the webinar. With your standard webinar, if you don’t hear what’s being said or simply need to hear it again to fully understand the concept being presented, you’re out of luck. And this can be very detrimental if you are wanting the viewer to take a specific action (a confused viewer is much less likely to respond the way you’d like them to). Some people just need to re-watch the webinar in its entirety in order to fully grasp the key points being presented. Using a webinar provider that offers live replay ensures that your viewers truly comprehend what you are trying to convey.


If you are a small business owner or webmaster that is wanting the maximum amount of your prospects to view and understand your marketing message, it’s highly recommended that you utilize a webinar provider that offers the convenience of live replay.