Livestock Farmers Increase Sheyang Dance “leading” – Animal Husbandry – Breeding Industry

“This year I had 30,000 domesticated Chicken Gross income of 2.5 million yuan, net income for the less able have more than 30 million. “Economic Development District who lives in the village of Sun Changrong three groups, about Chicken For their own benefits, his face full of smile Waterfront. In recent years, the county insisted the development Animal Husbandry Industry as agriculture and increasing farmers income breakthrough, center on the “foster and strengthen a leading enterprise, the implementation of standardized production, perfect service system,” the work of the ideas, and take high-quality, high yield, efficient, sustainable development path, to the present, the county GDP from livestock by 23 million farmers more than 2000 yuan per capita income, gross agricultural production accounts for 30%.

Leading drive. To extend the industrial chain, to achieve value-added livestock stratified, county full use policy advantages, resources, efforts to increase agricultural investment, leading enterprises have settled a number of animal products, and gradually grew stronger. Yancheng Hai Du Birds Co., Ltd. is one of the model, the company implemented cooperative + + base + farmers produce forms of cooperation, set chicken breeding, hatching, Feed Processing in one, the company provides Miaoji farmers, feed, disease prevention, product sales through-train services model, leading enterprises, driven by the rapid development of poultry industry around the region now has more than 80 households close to 1.4 million laying hens, Cultivation Household per capita income over 10,000 yuan, output value of more than 100 million yuan.

Plot forward. The search for quality, the best combination of efficiency and ecological point of keeping our county a certain size to actively guide the farmers to concentrate on plot, and gradually form a residential building market, to market with a family of livestock production patterns, relying on the pollution-free food industry standards Through in-depth major market (household), and specialized villages, advocacy, mobilization, training and extension work in 25 local standards and technical regulations 36 production, animal husbandry and standardized production rate of 95% or more, the county has passed the pollution-free animal products 9 demonstrate the enterprises, producing 18 certification.

Service expansion. Since last year, the county invested 240 million yuan for the perfect service network building, newly built or expanded 18 Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station, add a large sterilization apparatus, appliances and other equipment anatomy; relying on the county line 88 Veterinary 1 staff with technical expertise, the composition of expert groups to promote science and technology, comprehensive technology for area livestock extension and training. Scientific and technical personnel package Township, including the village, including account of service delivery, combined with employing provincial and municipal experts and professors to give lectures to highlight prevention and control of avian influenza for more than 20 items of practical techniques, effective for the majority of farmers to solve the problems of production and technology meet the aspirations of their culture and needs of technology. This year, in more than 40 training courses were organized, trained 5,000 people, many times to solve technical problems in 2000, released four thousand copies of scientific information.

Currently, the county regional distribution, large-scale farming, specialized production and industrial management pattern has taken shape, the county has formed a Health Pig , Waterfowl, long-haired rabbits, laying hens, sows, meat Ox , Cao Ji-7 characteristics of culture area, and built Qing Yuan Hong honey, dairy and other health bridge provincial and municipal leading enterprises 8. BOLA TANGKAS