Loneliness via Black and White Photographs

In our digital era, black and white works often bring about the feeling of turning back to the past and remembering the period of the mid 20th century when news on televisions and newspapers is presented as non-color content.

Black and white photographs have no various colors, but they can represent the soul of photographs to viewers. Therefore, for many years, photographers have still used this sort of photographs for the art purpose, and it is also a way for new photographers to express their creativeness.

Black and white photographs are often preferred in expressing sadness, emptiness, or loneliness in the nature.


A girl in the state of loneliness

Cats felt sad as being captured in cages

Loneliness in the collection by Santosh Korthiwada

A slum with the misfortune people

Sorrowful man in the street

Stormy nature without the human existence

Deserted park at cold night


A lonely small girl in fear

An exhausted old woman in a narrow old lane

A young girl in hopeless feeling in front of the rough sea