Long Hair | Long haircuts

Length: Long hair provides the flexibility to explore different hairstyles. The texture, length and hair colour are the determining factors for the right hairstyle.
Face Structure: Your face structure can help ascertain the right hairstyle and length for you. People having oval and heart-shaped faces can carry off long hair very well. People with a big forehead can style their hair into short bangs that takes away the focus from the high forehead.
Occasion: Adorn a hairstyle that not only suits your face structure, texture and length but also something that suits the occasion. A non-fussy practical hairstyle works well when it comes to formal occasions or work wear while you can let your hair down, literally at informal gatherings and parties. Wearing your hair down or a bun looks simple yet sophisticated for an office atmosphere. When you are on a night out or going for a party, you can get versatile and sport French plaits, braided hair or simply straighten your hair if you have curly hair and have a radically different look for a change. Hair cut into layers not only add to the bounce but also gives you a chic look.
Weather: You must give due consideration to the weather conditions you live in, before you choose the hairstyle or haircut. All of us love to have the perfect look and can get carried away. But it can get really uncomfortable when you let your glossy and stylish hair down simply and bathe in sweat under the sweltering heat and you simply feel like chopping all your hair off! Choose a style or cut that you feel comfortable in, for long periods of time.

Looking for the ideal hairstyle for long hair?

There is no dearth for hairstyles when it comes to long hair, whether you intend simply letting it down or style them into ponytails, French braids, braids and knotted hair styles. When you go out on an evening for a party, it is advisable that you use some hair products like a gel or mousse to give your hair a natural shine while holding it in place for hours together.

Accessorizing your hair with beautiful ringlets, jeweled accessories or hair bands that suit your dress or personality will add a touch of sophistication and glamour. You can achieve any look sported by your favorite Hollywood actors or for that matter, any person whose style you admire.
Layered hair is one of the most popular haircuts in vogue. Layers help soften the harsh lines of your face and provide texture, volume and a fresh modern appeal. Infact, layers help repair damaged hair as it requires chopping off split ends and most importantly, can be used to balance out any face structure or shape. However, people having curly hair cannot have layers as curls become tight and disrupt the layers.