Long Hairstyles 2010 | Long haircuts

If you have long hair, you surely can do a lot of variations with the styling patterns and methods. The best patterns in styling long hair is to use bangs and layers of hair to create texture. There are many celebrities who are known to sport long haircuts with bangs; such as Reese Witherspoon, Anastasia, and Jessica Alba. You can wear different hairstyles on long hair with bangs; such as a pony tail, half up and half down, long curly hairstyles, and many others. Read more on different hairstyles for bangs.

Long Hair, Bangs, and Layers – Appearance of Face Shapes

Suppose you have an oblong face and want to make it look less oblong, you can use long hair to add up to the sides of your face, so that the face will look a bit round instead of long. Similarly, for an oblong face, bangs can be used for making the face look less oblong. Moreover, with a combination of long haircuts and bangs, you can change the overall appearance of your face like you want.

You can opt for straight or side sweeping fringes and have layers on your hairstyle to create a look that you prefer to wear. If you are thinking about long haircuts with bangs for round faces, oval faces, oblong faces, or any other type of face shape; you can use layers and curls for making the face shape look how ever you want. Bangs can also be used to hide a big forehead. Read more on side swept bangs on long hair.

Long Haircuts With Bangs

Generally, bangs look good on straight and fine long hairstyles. There are few types of bang that you can wear on long hairstyles. Straight and long bangs are mostly worn on silky, fine long hairstyles. The length of these straight bangs extend till the eyebrow, which is why they are good styling options for women with oblong faces. Asymmetrical bangs are those which are trimmed a little shorter on one side, with the length increasing till the other side.