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“Users, readers, choose the products they trust, like the brand, the expert judges, but also to see behind the brand value of the estate.”

For the long-Fu Milk Overwhelmingly selected by the Fujian and Southeast Express newspaper Sina joint named the “Top Ten Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone,” says the head of the Organizing Committee.

2008 Dairy ” Melamine “The outbreak, so” long rich mode “after years of wind and rain, the industrial value once again surfaced.

The past two years, in turn, lead to the root causes of the melamine incident?? Milk issue has not been fundamentally resolved. But thankfully, once is not optimistic about the “long rich model” re-valued, the “first milk, after-market” approach, is emulated by the peer.

Organizing committee, said the expert judges, Chang Fu appeared in the “Top Ten Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone” of great significance and hoped that people pay more attention to the “long-Fu model” industrial value, especially the more milk enterprises to take concrete action to build the milk solid base, but also milk a healthy future.

Two modes of logic different results in different
First, the chicken or the egg? This issue was indeed complex, all of a sudden no solution.

Milk first, then grab the market, or grab market first to find milk? Chinese dairy industry in the 10 years of rapid development, also encountered a similar complex problems. Different companies have different logic and results.

“First market, after the milk” of logic: also known as the starting model (the North model), which is the general development path of dairy giant. Because of the high-quality milk bases, need to invest huge sums of money, a long construction period, the risk of large, milk enterprises do not want to vote, mainly relying on milk station acquisition Raw material Milk.

Not keep up with business expansion as growth in demand for milk, only full of “stolen” milk, some milk vendors and even make a lot of adulterated milk, synthetic milk to meet their needs.

Results: milk out of control, “melamine” event is triggered in this mode, including the three dairy giants, including dozens of liquid milk, Milk powder Were detected melamine, many consumers eventually paid with their lives.

“First milk, after-market” logic: also known as late-model (South model, a long rich mode), see the shortcomings of the starting model, a long rich Business Were aware that those who may be too high-quality milk dairy world! Business in 1998, the long rich to 80% of funds are invested in milk source base, has invested more than 900 million yuan to build a 34-scale farm with 37,000 cows, the number of his immediate farm and dairy herds are classified National first.

Results: because of its milk base, long the rich have never had to buy raw milk of individual dairy farmers to stop the adulteration acts. In 2008, the dairy case, long after the rich national product, provincial and municipal quality inspection departments, all qualified rigorous testing has never detected melamine. Long learning mode

rich future a long way to go
Different industry models lead to different results. Wang Ding-known cotton dairy experts said melamine milk snatching snatch incident, but the final analysis, dairy giant adhere to the “first market, after the milk” approach, industrial pattern deformity buried security risk.

Rich dairy vice Cai Yongkang long view, the melamine incident inspired the greatest is to achieve balanced development of resources and markets. If breast milk enterprises to realize the importance of good milk solid construction, not simply to compete in the terminal market, you can return to the track of healthy milk. BOLA TANGKAS