Looking Back 100 Years Goodbye Air Conditioner To Stay Six Loud Sigh

Large amount of money to build a new 100 conditioner, a NICE 2008 event in a market expansion. No products, advertising, first-out, Andy Lau Edition 100 years Conditioner important period in the continuous broadcast of CCTV, we have 100 years of operation, see the NICE Conditioner’s full of confidence.

Probably sometime 100 years have led to the sheath again Runfa a different voice, the recent Distribution Issues in the early 100 years Conditioner blocked freeze in Chongqing, the local supermarket is still in wait and see 100 Conditioner stage. Experts think that a hundred years to re-return to profit rice operation ten years ago Olive Conditioner century, the new century Conditioner not winning.

May, in our memories is also lurking on the version of the centuries Chow Yun Fat emotion of regret and yet nostalgic. But the new century, we can not help the helpless apart and left a six loud sigh.

Yi Tan: difficult to continue the classic new ad

“I like Chow Yun Fat film is the old version of the ad. That ad gave us an in love with the story of separation to the reunion. Just a minute of advertising, it is a scene from the tragicomedy of life, people have mixed feelings. Maybe Their products are not very good, but their ads do even better than P & G, it created a feeling: that their product is not worse than P & G shampoo. “?? consumer survey, Mr. Zhao, and Zhao Like Mr. a “conditioner plot” really a lot of consumers. After C2CC survey, consumer advertising for new and old versions of the attitude of the two as follows:

Goodbye Looking back 100 years to stay six loud sigh Air Conditioner helpless

Objective evaluation, the difference Where? “Can see that NICE would like to play the emotional card. It’s advertising heritage of the former might be expected, Chow Yun-fat version of that ad’s emotional tone, but too far-fetched. Moreover, the Andy Lau version of the ad deliberately so obvious traces of imitation. “The author of an advertising friend gives this assessment.

Stage child, Beijing hutongs, the old train … … The Chinese style of the scenes appear in the Chow Yun-fat version of the ad, the “culture” and “commercial atmosphere” local seamless, highlighting cultural awareness, to give products rich Lenovo also enhance the power of advertising works and appeal. Advertising smart borrowing “hundred years”, the thick hair deeply, creating a “black hair hair, margin line century,” the beautiful realm, strong enough to give the shock strength is straightforward interest demands the ads do not convey of. Andy Lau version of the ad

contrast, opening the first sentence is “marry me” and then the show said: “Love is a century or a moment, I believe, a hundred years.” Even if Andy is also caring for loved hair, but keep up the century Conditioner product description: “conditioning hair, love Run Hundred Years” ad. Separate traces too obvious, not weeks edition of the coherent, contrary feel contrived, just love the atmosphere have become fragmented.

Week version of the ad through just a minute, about a fall in love, separation, re-encounter the moving life story. Complete story-strong memory enables consumers. Advertising has moved to pass the sorry fate still have memories of the distressed, were all men as nothing but classic. Liu version of advertising, although as much as Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau handsome degree, but did not tell a story, simply to introduce the ad idea and shot, people are disappointed. Consumers even after watching the ad, quipped: “I thought it was” Pearl Harbor “it!” In addition, Liu advertisement appearing in aircraft, ships Europeanization means rich background of these elements and 100-year profit Fat does not conform to local brands.

Therefore, even Andy starred in, we do not see beyond the classic highlights, have to say unfortunately.

2 sigh: ambiguous product concept “Chongqing Olive Conditioner had played 100 years is the ‘plant a group, Chongqing Olive’ slogans, how I have not seen the new ads on it? Product concept is what it is now?” One Henan Dealers Zhang made that question.

100 disappeared in Conditioner for many years, but then the product concept are still being written, have to say that those 100 years conditioner to find a new world of their own, even to rivals more exciting than the more long-term highest point.

Plant, natural, green and humanity will be much closer. Can be said that Olive was not just based on the modern, more look at the future, that is, over a hundred years when the trend is nonetheless; “plant” is the weakness of competing brands, the appeal of the gap, there is no exploitation of mining to others, “gold” is in itself very exciting.

Out of P & G’s shadow, to find their own selling point, carry forward the Chinese nation and the United States and Germany to promote the use of Chinese herbal medicine, all those years to 100 years Conditioner competition in similar products made considerable consumer and market share.

Contrast, the new 100-year Conditioner advertising from its point of view and not have to continue to maintain the original leader of the “plant, herb,” the product concepts. “I feel, NICE completely abandoned the original product concept.” Zhang said.

New “100-year Conditioner” product philosophy? From the advertising point of view, if Andy Lau said that the phrase “Love Run Hundred Years” is a new product concept 100 years conditioner, it should tend to show moisture Fat effect. However, the effectiveness of such a shampoo is not any lack of this effect, as a main, the new 100-year Conditioner to seize food from the mouths of others? As people for the degree of environmental and health concerns, growing, herbs and plant concept has emerged in the market, even the hot trend of wrestlers also play the “Chinese side” of the idea, invited Shu Qi, Zhang and other Chinese actress, playing with “Eastern United States.” At the time, NICE has to abandon the “100 years Conditioner” So the advantage of another way. Nice that moves, whether insurance a point?

Three sigh: it was expensive price

Segments in marketing, pricing strategies of a dominant position was extremely sensitive. NICE 100 years to give the new pricing strategy Conditioner what would lead directly to consumers for its acceptance and subjective preferences. Throughout the new product packaging shape 100 years conditioner, has sworn he will go in the high-end line with the market price is bound to P & G’s high-end brand par.

‘s Investigation and evidence collection through C2CC: 400ML specifications of the new price of 100 years conditioner shampoo is about RMB around 27,28. Shampoo