Looking For Creative Idea? Go To The Dollar Tile, Texas

It is a flooring store, Austin, Texas. And I found inspiration there. Literally. Dont know what do a tile store, Austin in Texas and inspiration have in common? I didnt know it, too. Until lately.
Some weeks ago I came to Austin for a business meeting. It lasted for several days, for we had to discuss many questions and our partners had their usual work to do, too. So I had quite a lot of free time, while they were busy. I was working at a hotel. Today one needs only a laptop to be almost like at ones office.
One day my inspiration vanished somewhere. I am designer and I need it to be always by my side. That was not my day and instead of staring at the display I went to see the city. I was driving along the streets until I came across a cute single-floored building, which proved to be a nice Austin tile store.
I stopped and came in. I just liked the way the building looked. Im designer, you remember, right?
I exited the store one hour later. It was like going out of a museum. Whole the hour I was walking in spacey rooms and silently applauded to my colleagues who arranged it all here. In that Austin, Texas store there is the largest choice of glass tiles, slates, travertine. No idea if any better floor covering can be found in Austin or in whole Texas.
The salesman, after asking me whether I need his help and me answering that I need not, let to walk and watch at everything in peace.
Of course I knew that tiles can be very beautiful, just I never before did walk and look and these things just like this, just because my mind was empty and I was looking for something to fill it with.
As I drove back to the hotel, I felt like ideas were flowing into my head. I could hardly wait till I finally reached my room, my laptop and could pour it all out, shape it, share it.
I went to the Dollar Tile again the next day that was the day before we were going away from Texas. The Austin flooring store impressed my colleagues, too. One of them, who is living in Austin, made up his mind to come here again and buy something for his home. Well, the next time I come to Austin I hope to get a discount for tiles here I brought them one more customer, after all.