Looking For Oils Highest In Omega 3 ? Cold Water Fish Oil Is The Answer

Your presence here indicates that, you know the importance of essential omega3 fatty acids and are well aware of the scarcity of these essential fats in the body. This is the reason; you are looking for oils highest in omega 3 to compensate the deficiency and to lead a healthy and ail-free life.

Before we get in to details of the oils highest in omega 3, it is important to understand the vitality of three forms of omega3 fats. This is because not all forms of omega3 fats are equally significant.

Studies have proven that ALA form is burnt as energy and DHA and the body more readily absorbs EPA forms. It is also proven that most of the benefits of omega3 fats are because of DHA fats. Major portion of human brain, neuron’s plasma membrane, and retina of eye is made up of DHA. All these facts indicate the DHA is the most important fat. Therefore, for best results one should take oils highest in omega 3 DHA fats.

Let us have a look at various omega3 sources –

Flaxseed oils contain only ALA form. Therefore, they are certainly not the best to reap maximum health benefits. You might argue that the body can convert ALA to EPA and DHA fats. However, this conversion process being very complex and ineffective is not recommended.

Krill oils contain both DHA and EPA forms. However, krill being very small in size and present at the bottom of the food chain do not contain high amounts of these essential fats. Krill oil contains only 9% of DHA fats.

Fish oils contain both DHA and EPA forms. Cold-water fish like hoki, tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. are present at the top of food chain, thus are naturally rich in these fats. The amount of DHA in fish oil varies from 15% to 28%.

Do yourself a favor and spend some more time on the internet. Look for fish oils highest in omega 3 DHA fats for best results. Experts recommend that 1000mg of oil should at least have 250 mg of DHA fats. They also recommend that the oil should be pure and should have undergone the molecular distillation process to ensure that the oil is of pharmaceutical grade quality.

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