Looking For the Best & Sure Way to Get Your Ex Back?

First, let’s get one thing right: there is no guaranteed best way to get your ex back unless you are willing to work in your personality and start becoming the person your ex dreams of. You must surely have some defects and some annoying habits. Identifying them and getting ready to deal with them and do whatever it takes to eliminated them is the starting point of the best way to get your ex back.

Sure, there is no guarantee that the person you’ve been out for a couple of weeks in actually in love with you and will take you back. But when it comes to longer relationships that lasted over the years, these things are bound to work. It is clear that your ex loves or loved you if they spent so much time by your side. It’s those annoying habits and defects that got the best of them until the point they couldn’t take it anymore. And since communication is an aspect that lacks most relationships, you probably have no idea what those habits are exactly.

This means that part of the best way to get your ex back is a proper analysis of all your fights and especially that last one. Deduct what she or he hates and dislikes about your and change those things.

For example, if your ex always told you how she would love to see you in a suit once in a while, buy a suit and let her see you wear it to work, and even when you are out for a beer. Or if, she wanted a man that can clean the house after he messed it up, prove her you have changed by renting an apartment and keeping it clean by yourself. The best way to get your ex back is by climbing back into hers or his life, and by making your ex feel like he or she is missing something great.