Looking Good Thanks to Satellite TV

Not everyone in the world has the greatest fashion sense. While most of us can put together a basic, straight forward outfit, constructing a truly unique and attractive ensemble can be a daunting task. The world of fashion is also something that is much more complicated than most people believe it to be. Few individuals ever get the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how the fashion world operates, we only see the end product. Satellite TV can help people learn more about the mysterious world of fashion with some great shows about clothes, models, and the fashion world in general.

There have been an increasing amount of shows centered on the world of fashion, but some are definitely superior to others. Of the top five television shows about fashion the number one position is held by “What Not to Wear”. This is a great show because it features real, everyday women who do not have the time, patience, money, or sense to dress themselves appropriately for the world and profession they are pursuing. The tips that Stacy and Clinton give to the women on the show can be tremendously helpful for the women watching from home who struggle with the same issues when it comes to clothes. Seeing how good a pair of proper fitting jeans looks in high definition can really inspire someone to listen.

The second show on the list is “Project Runway”. This show is extremely entertaining and enlightening because it shows all of the work and creativity that goes in to designing and making clothing. Viewers can a glimpse of what the fashion world looks like behind all the glitz and glamour of the runway. Third on the list is “America’s Next Top Model”. This show teeters more to the side of being a guilty pleasures, but it is very interesting to see how a photo shoot really operates and everything that goes into the magazine spreads we casually flip past. Satellite tv brings people all of the shows that can help them get a more intimate look at the fashion world.

Fourth on the list of shows is “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. While new episodes of the show are no longer being made, men can learn a lot from just watching one episode. Beyond being coached on how to dress better, the men are taught how to decorate their home, cook, and behave in general. The show does not completely undo who the man is, but it is very interesting to watch the man being helped transform right before the eyes of the audience. The final show on the list is “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style”. Tim Gunn also takes average, everyday women who are struggling to get the right clothes and helps them figure out what clothing is right for their body and personal style. He has to teach lessons like sweats being only alright for sleeping and maybe sports.