Lose Five Pounds in Two Weeks – It’s Easy, Go For More Once You Get the Hang of It

If  you want to lose five pounds in two weeks, it’s not that hard, and it doesn’t require cutting carbohydrates or putting your favorite chocolate or ice cream under lock and key. There is no reason to torture yourself or work out like a maniac. This can be surprisingly easy.

The Gurus are punishing you, and it’s not necessary to lose weight

There are two types of diets that are popular today for losing five pounds in two weeks. The first is low carbohydrate, and the second is low fat. Both of these are stupid ideas created by people who were looking to cash in on a craze. Low carbohydrate diets usually involve the promotion of red meat that  has excessive levels of bad fat. In particular, they promote being able to eat high quality steaks and lose weight. This is not a healthy way to live, and does not lead to long term weight loss. Not to mention, extremely lean cut steaks, that they promote, are not cheap.

The second type of diet that is promoted is low fat. This bad news for several reasons, both mental and physical. Most people like to indulge in chocolate and fat on a daily basis, but these diets will tell you that you have failed if you don’t only eat fat on one or two days of the week. You could eat a chocolate bar every single day of the week, and still lose lots of weight if the rest of your meals were well balanced.

What you should be doing

The best thing to do to lose five pounds in two weeks is to stop eating most read meat and get your protein sources from chicken and clean fish. Chicken is usually the easiest route to go for people who aren’t vegetarians. The key with chicken is to have many sauces around that don’t contain fat, such as orange sauces, lemon, and lime. Getting protein from fish becomes very tricky, because unfortunately, most natural stocks of fish on the eastern seaboard have large quantities of PCBs and mercury. Only certain Alaskan wild salmon stocks are free of chemicals.