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Anywhere can buy soy milk, plus carrots, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, cabbages, fruits and vegetables, milk labeled Juice , Can be subtly transformed into a high fiber and high nutrition in weight-loss help, some people rely on this method of fasting, 3 days, 9 pounds, under thin, and the chest will not shrink.

Soy Protein Nutrition Fat Burning Many nutritionists agree that obesity is not nutrition, but because the structural causes of malnutrition. As living conditions improve, people over-consumption of food containing animal fats, and fat metabolism caused by endocrine disorders, and thus lead to fat savings. Therefore, to reduce animal fat intake, increase in natural plant foods Diet The proportion of healthy weight loss is one of the methods.

Research shows that soy milk is rich in soy protein, not only to supply the body with adequate nutrition, but also promote excretion of excess cholesterol, cholesterol in the blood decreased, and promote fat burning; soybean saponin may antioxidant and prevent atherosclerosis; soy lecithin, inhibited fat accumulation, but also improve sleep.

Tone polyester body bowel breast Therefore, often high-fat intake, high calorie, high protein people, no matter want to lose weight for health reasons, by drinking milk can help adjust the endocrine system and fat metabolism, and then decompose extra fat, clean body wall, lower blood cholesterol.

In addition, some adult women’s body slim, breasts in less fat accumulation, it is not enough breast fullness, like Lin Chi-ling and other long-term dieting to maintain the shape of the supermodel, it is. To eat Beans Food, you can add plant hormones and breast fat accumulation help to produce breast effect. Prior to the injury in the Lin Chi-ling, who have her Angel Face Body experts to design a clean milk to add in the sugar-free students Eggs Of breast recipes, very consistent on the design principles of nutrition, while the women menopausal syndrome, it can also eat to improve symptoms.

The many benefits as soy milk, so that Europe and the United States and even Japan, used to drink Milk The Weight Watchers, began drank soy milk and soy milk developed to fight together with the vegetables and fruit juice drink milk method, see the drink soy milk to drink for decades in Taiwan people’s eyes, perhaps a little to overturn the traditional, but the press test drinking and found the taste is not bad, worth a try. Continuous three-day weight plummeted

Drink soy milk juice of this method was first invented by the Europe and the United States, through the magazines in Japan, the result popular. Because the Japanese soybean saponin afraid of soy milk produced by astringency, not fond of sugar Beverages But the soy milk with fresh fruits and vegetables labeled as juice, soy milk can drink nutrition, intake of fruits and vegetables can also rich fiber; most importantly, taste the sweet fruits and vegetables in both the smell of milk, weight loss when compared easy to continue.

A Japanese mother for postpartum obesity, weight loss does not thin down several times, see the magazine introduced soy milk juice fasting method, we decided to give it a try. She used to milk nine yang Soymilk with carrots, cabbages, fruits and vegetables to play with, even accidentally consistency of taste, although the first day started off eating very hungry, but she suppresses the only drink tea, sugar-free wheat to eat, the second day , accustomed to fasting on the feeling, although the milk drink juice all day not feel uncomfortable, the results the following night, we lost a 1.5 kg; hang on until the fourth day at noon, a full body weight lost 4.5 kg, and Bust no smaller. Wang

another experiment, after drinking in the trial, said the taste of soy milk juice is fresh, control of bias is important, playing too thick will feel a little sick, playing too thin, satiety has enough support feel very hungry at night, if not help you eat, the complete function broken, as long as the boil was over three days at least two kilograms of lean. BOLA TANGKAS