Lose Weight? 5 Revealing Foods That Pack the Fat

Here are 5 foods that should be in your diet every day. You probably think you know what they are. If you do, then you are already on track to start losing those unwanted fatty pounds and gaining more energy. Plus, you are going to see that Pretty Woman that is hiding inside of you begging to get out.

Before you see this list of powerful foods that are going to put you into that hot new outfit, or into those skin tight jeans and not look like an overstuffed lazy-boy, make sure your mind has the right attitude that will pump you up and keep you on track toward that pretty woman. Do one quick exercise right now. Look back and ask “if I would have started this 3 months ago, how would I look today? Time flies and you can do it.

1) Protein Rich Foods. The reason is that protein rich foods require more energy to burn so more fat in your body is being burned. There are also many protein supplements that can be used to help boost your intake. Protein… the fat burner.

2) Calcium Rich Dairy Products. This is a tasty one because it includes yogurt, cheese, and milk (I like chocolate milk). These foods are natural fat burners by breaking down the fat around you stomach.

3) Ahh Nuts. I love to eat nuts of all types. My favorites are cashews and almonds. They taste good, feel good in my mouth and because of the Omega 3’s, help to increase the burning capacity of fat, that is in all the wrong places. Plus…they help you feel full and that is important for a dieter.

4) Yes, One of the Best Fat Burning Ninjas is… Fiber. This is an easy one because certain tasty cereals are loaded with fiber. Plus you usually use milk with them. Lentils are also great because they help stabilize blood sugar levels. Plus, they burn like fire the belly fat you want to get rid of.

5) My Favorite Fat Burner… Fruits and Vegetables. Think about it, you never see a fat Vegan! There is such a wide variety of choices. You can use them on your cereal; eat them as a snack (like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) any time during the day. They not only fill you up, but fruit and vegetables provide you with important vitamins and minerals.

To be the pretty woman you want to be, you are going to eliminate or significantly reduce your intake of certain foods…and drinks. What are these eliminated bad boys? I bet you already know what they are. So here goes:

1) ALCOHOL . If you are a nondrinker, you are way ahead in the game of not doing something that is going to store fat and make you look like you should join the circus as the fat lady. However, if you do drink this can be a tough one. Keep in mind that alcohol increases you weight and fat storage. Even a single beer can increase your weight by 1.2 pounds. So a lot less Miller time will go a long way.

2) Fatty Meats. Processed meats are like a main line for a fat butt. Lean meat is what you need to keep in mind when deciding on your favorite meat. Keep it lean and the protein will be a big help.

3) Sugar, and it is everywhere. The short story on this is that sugar is quickly broken down in your body and is stored as… FAT. Avoid food that is loaded with sugar and what woman does not know what those foods are.

4) Fast Food. It might be a happy meal for your kid, but it is a fat meal for you. Here is a fact that should keep you away from fast food: It is one of the fattiest, oiliest and most cholesterol-laden foods out there that will not make the pretty woman you want to be. Enough said.

There you are. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be the pretty woman in the mirror.” You can be, and this is where you start. You can do it, I wish I could see you in 90 days!