Lose Weight by Stopping Cravings

One of the biggest causes of obesity is the craving of food. Or perhaps I should say food craving is blamed for eating sins. People over eat for many reasons but craving usually is the excuse.

Actually the cause of over eating and excess snacking comes in many forms. We tend to eat from emotional stress, boredom, relaxation or just because the food is there.

It’s not unusual to hear the old worn out phrase of ‘I try so hard to lose weight, but I get so hungry’. However, hunger is usually a state of mind not a bodily need. These failings are part of all of us.

We can be very determined to lose weight when we begin a new diet, but along the way something happens to knock our life out of whack and we eat. At first we tell ourselves that just a little snack will calm our nerves. But it usually doesn’t stop there, one bite leads to another and soon we are piling it in.

Maybe we don’t have a problem and sometimes that’s just as bad. We are sitting around the house and there’s nothing to do. We’re bored, so naturally we head to the refrigerator and we’re off again.

These cravings real or imaginary are the real reason that even the best diets fail. The only way to beat them is to meet them head on and use these cravings to win instead of lose.

When you start a new diet recognize the fact that you are going to have these cravings. So, instead of planning 3 regular meals a day for your diet, break them up into 5 or 6 smaller meals. This way you eat more often and stop the cravings. The strategy here is that since it takes about 2-1/2 hours for your stomach to digest a meal, by the time one meal is digested it’s ready for another. This stops the cravings.

Always have some fresh fruit or vegetables handy if a craving does occur. Drink a lot of water in small sips throughout the day. Sometimes that is really what our body is calling for instead of a snack. To maintain good health you must keep the body properly hydrated.

If you are going grocery shopping or attending a party, eat a small meal just before you go. Failing to do so could throw you off the wagon regardless of your good intentions or determination.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because a food is labeled fat free does not mean that it is low on calories. Watch out for fat free snacks and check out their calorie content very carefully.

These are just a few tips to beat those food cravings. Take them into account the next time you encounter that old diet killer – food cravings.