Loss of Appetite Cure – Effective and Permanent Natural Treatment

Loss of appetite can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition or may be due to any minor infection or due to change in lifestyle, place or emotional state, prolonged condition can pose threat to health hence effective treatment is necessary to cure it. Skipping lunch or dinner once in a while due to lack of hunger is not an issue and a good practice, as medical experts say that a person shall eat when he has strong urge to eat for good health. Lack of urge or desire to eat, not feeling hungry on regular basis and eating less than normal diet are symptoms of loss of appetite.

People having irregular eating pattern or eat at different places tend to be suffering with frequent loss of appetite, however this is either due to eating heavy or at wrong time or due to food itself. Lack of sleep, stress, lack of physical activity, infection, constipation, indigestion or improper functioning of internal organs can initiate the loss of appetite. Such a condition shall not be allowed to stay for long as it can cause weakness or other complications and proper diagnosis shall be done to identify the reason of reduction in hunger.

Normally the most common reason for loss of appetite is remaining hungry for a long time before one eats first thing in the day, this creates gas in the stomach and also slows down the metabolism which can cause loss of appetite. The cure for such a situation is that eat something light in the morning as early as possible, this activates the digestive system to promote hunger later in the day. Drinking lot of water also helps the body in flushing out the toxins and chemicals out of the body which might be keeping the digestive system engaged.

The most effective treatment for promoting hunger and curing loss of appetite is an old remedy, sprinkle some black salt and dry ginger on two slices of warm oranges, orange slices can be heated slightly by keeping them in a pan or oven without adding anything else, eat this once in a day and on an empty stomach to promote appetite. Ginger is helpful in curing all sorts of digestive disorders from mild to serious and it can be of great help in improving appetite too. Use ginger in diet or salad or chew a piece of ginger with black salt sprinkled over it with few drops of lemon juice, half an hour before meal, to stimulate digestive system for sharper hunger.

Increased intake of guava and tomatoes also improves hunger. Guava once in a day with rock salt sprinkled over its pieces works as a good appetizer and also improves digestion. Mango also provides an effective treatment for loss of appetite, roast a mango directly on fire and let it rest in normal water till it cools down, then squeeze its matter out and consume it after adding cumin seeds, mint and salt according to taste. This remedy provides immediate results and cures lack of hunger. Use of garlic is also an excellent treatment for loss of appetite, garlic can be used in soups, and also in the food to improve appetite as it clears the digestive tract and smoothen the functioning of internal organs.