Love and Marriage – 5 Tips to Choose the Best Marriage Partner

Do you want to get married or marry? Many of the youth find it challenging to identify the best choice for marriage from several millions of people they meet. This article provides 5 basic aspects to consider if one is going to choose the best person to stay with and love in a marriage relationship. These include: sincere love, age difference, background, education and culture.

Love is the foundation of marriage which cements any relationship. Always look for someone whom you love and who loves you. He who loves you will also care for you and stay with you despite all odds. Love should be sincere and unconditional if your marriage is to last for life. The one who loves you will love your friends and family members hence expansion of your family. Avoid a hypocrite.

Age difference
It is important to look at the aspect of age difference before you get married/marry. Although some people do not take it serious, it has affected some marriages. It is recommended that the man be older than the woman by three to five years. This minimizes the generation gap and enhances planning/reasoning together as a couple for the development of your family. If the woman is too young she develops inferiority complex and if the man is younger than the woman, the latter grows faster and leaves the man unattended to. The wife loses interest in sex tempting the man to go out for other women.

Look for the person whose background is less similar to yours. If you have diverse backgrounds, say one is from a very rich background and the other from poor background, the two may not merge properly. This can result in different priorities in spending your finances hence conflict in a family. Usually the one from a better background tends to despise the other, who at the same time may feel inferior and live unhappily in such a marriage.

Look for someone whose education level is not very far from yours. If the man is highly learned and the woman did not go to school, the woman feels inferior and many times fears to go with the man on important functions such as weddings. This is because she will not feel comfortable to associate with the man’s friends and the language can become another barrier. It is worse if the woman is the one who is highly learned and the man is not. The woman can overlook her husband and some even take over the roles of the heads of such families.

How do you feel if your spouse fails to communicate with the members of your family?
What about when you find that you cannot enjoy the same meal? Although some people disregard cultural differences, the extremes may result into conflicts in the marriage relationship. If the cultures are to be different, then let them be close to one another and be able to communicate from either side and enjoy the social life of the two families.

There are no clear-cut guidelines or formula to follow when starting a stable marriage. Love, age, education, culture and background are some of the aspects to look at before you enter a life time commitment in a marriage relationship.