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Wedding menu, it is difficult! Wedding menu which dishes necessary? Wedding provides food, great skills, and points well, would it save money there face, point poorly, then more money is not that customers will find no place under the chopsticks, what wedding dishes, wedding menu to choose, by special invitation experience who may be able to help you Disembarrassing solution.

Wedding menu which dishes necessary? The couple

today with a wedding in their restaurant set to meet them when the staff point the way to the food. A la carte is my favorite thing to do, make me eat it much more common. Entire tables down, spending only about wedding packages in cheap restaurants, but definitely not bad grade. Because I am green, healthy eating in the name of openly as they save money. New people very happy. Restaurant manager said I was too knowledgeable.

I point this new standard of 16 dishes: 12 hot dishes, a cold dish, a salty soup, a sweet soup, a cabbage, a staple food. Back home, enough, they summed up about it, write it with the wedding of the new office will be shared:

Point before, have a budget in mind, about how much money to spend, and then control in this range. First point of 1-2 keep up appearances of the dish, the dish must be high, pulled up to the grade of the whole banquet tables, and then point an ax to grind the food, such as celery and lily, meaning Love For All Seasons. Seasonal vegetables Point cheapest vegetables, sweet soup corn soup is better, golden yellow, very pretty on the table, can enrich the color; salty soup Point Wild Mushrooms Soup, both Tom are in line with the green theme, it is important not only cheap they can not afford to grade. What is the significance staple points are the same, so you can point the most expensive. Cold dish, a big fight enough brine. These are points over, the next count how much money, and then began to point hot dishes.

Hot dishes is the main event. Poultry meat along the point, and then point bean, mushroom dishes. Point of hot dishes, two points: First, pay attention to containers With , Containers must be beautiful; 2 is not to point fish-flavored pork, Mao Xuewang dishes like low-grade. Because, after all? Seats, such coarse food served, banquet tables will pull down the whole grade. Third, ask what dishes can be clearly discounted. Now many restaurants have discount wedding, but basically seafood and freshwater fishes are not discounted. Some restaurants play cunning, known to play nine fold, the results Results from the account to, this can not be discounted, it can not be discounted. Red meat is generally a discount, but now did not like big Hun large dirty does not conform to the principles of healthy eating, so points of such red meat dishes restaurant features exquisite cuisine.

The food must be high protein, low fat, healthy diet that is consistent with the trend appears to have products, customers will eat comfortably at ease. Importantly, these dishes are considered mid-range price.

Wedding venue, the best set at a Decoration Luxury restaurants, luxury is the style, silence speaks. And pay attention to that restaurant dishes, good service, meals will feel grand, respected the aid of cheap green healthy dishes.

This is the highest state of wedding; luxury decoration, grand dining, cheap food.

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