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Underwear mall more and more expensive, many people change underwear store to purchase affordable. Hanzheng Street reporter learned that a number of lingerie companies, many lingerie brands have avoided shopping malls, chain stores to focus on open and seek business opportunities and market differentiation.

In the Hanzheng Street sapphire underwear market, gathered a large number of lingerie brands, such as the United States thinking, Olivia Shannon, Fen-Fang Wang, Jian Er-bombs, they have a number of chain stores. Dealers say the main store will remain in order to improve the single-store sales, not for the moment into shopping malls.

Underwear store is the new darling of small and medium investors. In Hankou Road, Hong Kong, less than 500 meters of a street, open 45 underwear store, and some exclusive Body underwear, and some home-based clothing, underwear products rich in the operating hours of these shops are in more than one year . Shopkeepers said that the passenger flow is very stable.

Metier underwear Hubei Dong Li agent introduction, underwear market is very large, as long as the difference of the market to find, no matter how fierce competition, can survive. Underwear store business area, can better show underwear product, like a color of the bra, underpants and pajamas, etc., etc. Department of wedding lingerie sets.

Li Dong, said high-end lingerie brands to open stores in the most appropriate, into the mall intense competition, high cost, open shop flexible modes of operation, service is more thoughtful, able to accumulate a stable customer base.

Zi Xiu Underwear dealer Feng boss also believes that the next two years to continue to cultivate store customers, in addition to increasing wealth refined products, but also to cultivate a professional sales staff. Underwear must be tried before to determine whether the appropriate salesperson’s sales experience and services have become particularly important, it would be underwear store important part of future development.

It is learned that the province’s underwear market, annual market growth rate as high as 40%, and the development of great potential.

Wuhan Hanzheng Street lingerie companies believe that this year’s lingerie market is still robust in much of Body body sculpting underwear. The Body body, fun, effective, popular with older women of all ages, firmly occupy the high-end lingerie consumer market.

Hanzheng Street the day before yesterday’s underwear market to see that most of the shops have this kind of merchandise, cheap Jinshou hundred dollars or so, thousands of expensive, but they are very popular. These slightly different underwear fabrics, and some shaping effect is good, while others are full stretch.

Purple show Underwear dealer Feng owner said that each of these underwear fabric replacement, this year’s fashion trend is a healthy Body, is no longer bound by a sense of very strong fabric, instead of using highly flexible and new moisture wicking fabric . BOLA TANGKAS