Lovely Yellow Wedding Bouquets and Centerpieces

In all of the hoopla over what wedding colors are super-trendy or the most daring, sometimes the pretty classics can be forgotten. Yellow is one of the sweetest color choices for wedding flowers, and it is available in virtually any type of blossom that you could ever desire. These are some ideas for the loveliest yellow wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Your bridal bouquet is really like another accessory, just like your veil or pearl jewelry. The style of the bouquet should complement the design of your gown, as well as the theme of your wedding. With yellow as your color of choice, you will have flower options that can be sweet, romantic, cheerful, bright, romantic, tropical, modern, or old-fashioned. In other words, there are yellow flowers that would be perfect for any style of wedding.

The cheery nature of yellow makes it wonderful for a spring wedding. Some of the most beautiful spring blossoms are available in shades of yellow ranging from the palest cream to the most vibrant yellow. Choices include bridal classics like tulips and roses, as well as springtime favorites such as daffodils, crocus, and forsythia. These yellow beauties are ideal for designing bouquets that are traditional and sunny, as well as for centerpieces with a bit more height and drama (as when you mix in branches of forsythia).

Yellow centerpieces and bouquets can look especially cheery and lighthearted when they are created from shades of yellow accented with crisp white and fresh spring green. There is nothing more happy than a simple bouquet of yellow and white daisies tied with a green and white gingham ribbon. For a more modern edge, go with gerbera daisies in a bolder shade of yellow. Either style of daisy works wonderfully when arranged in a simple clear glass vase for centerpieces. To make your centerpieces more nostalgic, you can use white pitchers and fill them with the classic white and yellow daisies.

Yellow can also be elegant, when it is in the form of exotic orchids. There are a myriad of orchids that either come in solid yellow, or in a combination of yellow with another color. Pale yellow lady’s slipper orchids are lovely and graceful, perfect with a classic gown and pearl bridal jewelry. Yellow and pink cattelaya orchids are ideal for a tropical wedding. Other yellow orchids include the bright and showy cymbidium, the large phalaenopsis, and many other orchids that have wonderful color, stripes, and speckles.

Fall brides will adore the warm and rich yellow and golds of mums. The rich golden color is perfect for a crisp autumn day, whether the palette is all yellow, or yellow in conjunction with other fall favorites, such as burnt orange and fiery red. The fall version of yellow wedding flowers is a great illustration of how versatile a color yellow really can be.

For a dainty and sweet look, pale and pure yellow can be used in combination with petite blue flowers. Try yellow blossoms accented with mini blue and yellow irises, fragrant lavender, tiny grape hyacinth, or little bunches of muscari. The result will be unexpected, yet very charming and feminine.

Whichever version of yellow suits your style, you will have a multitude of fantastic options for flowers. There are yellow flowers for any season and type of bride. From bouquets to centerpieces to boutonierres, yellow flowers will add cheer and happiness to your wedding.