Low Body Fat Workout – Get a Lean, Low Body Fat Look in 90 Days

This article will give you a quick start method to a low body fat work out that will have you looking damn good in 60 days. All it takes is a little self discipline to tell yourself: “it is only for 60 days, after this I can go back to whatever else I was doing if I choose”. For the first few days your body will fight you with every excuse, circumstance or discomfort that it will try and trick you into giving up, this is because you are forcing adaption, and it does not come easy.

Stick with it. Most people have given up before day 4, if you can get to two weeks, the force will be much less, and after a month, the new habit will be fully ingrained into you.

Do not be one of the ones who gives up on, that will lead you to a sub par life living far below your truest potential.

1. Draw up a plan of your workout, include a lot of body weight exercises if you are just starting out such as press ups, crunches, dips, chin ups/pull ups, squats, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks etc, if you go on YouTube and search for any of these, you will get a good lesson on how to do them.

Make the list about 7-8 long for starters and try go through it twice, doing as many sets of each exercise as you can.

You should incorporate some intense (according to your level of fitness) cardio. If you are quite overweight, this may just be going for a walk up and down some stairs until you are sweating like mad, if you are a young female or male who just has a little bit of excess body fat to get rid of, then you should be running, hard and fast. No pain, no gain… Remember that. Nothing comes for free…

2. Schedule a time to do it. This one is the money shot people. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Always plan your work people.

3. Do it! Commit to doing it, it should only take you about half an hour! Stretch a wee bit before hand and away you go.

4. Congratulate yourself after you do it the first few times. Reward yourself with a coffee in town, buy a book or spend a bit of time fully relaxing with family (is that an oxymoron?) or meditating. Your body will start doing things that naturally feel good, so make it as easy as possible for your body to feel good about doing new habits.