Low Cost Self Publishing – Can You Be a Best Selling Author?

For low cost self publishing with high profits, know the possibilities. Many of you think you must get a New York publisher in order to be a successful author. But as a long time bookcoach, I can show you non vanity publishers who give great information to our world, get great word of mouth, and make even millions.

Think about What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles. The book came out in 1970, and now has 10 million copies in print. It still works for the recession job seeker today..

Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul series? Mark V. Hansen is a real marketing machine and from his talent, the books sold more than 112 million copies.

In 1981, I bought Kenneth Blanchard’s book, The One-Minute Manager. I copy catted his idea and wrote The One-Minute Nurse seminar and book. Today he and Spencer Johnson, co- writer, have sold 10 million copies.

Fifteen months ago, Paul Young declared bankruptcy and suffered greatly from devastating family deaths. In 2005, to ease his pain, he started a novel and spiritual thriller, The Shack, while on the commuter train. Sales were 7.2 million copies. He wrote about what he knew (you know that advice) how he and his six kids lived with tragedy.

The compelling story evolved from his childhood scars including sexual abuse in New Guinea while with his missionary parents. Before he made $ 4 million from this book, he printed 15 copies at Office Depot early on. The revised book got passed on to a Christian podcast and Paul and 2 supporters networked the novel by email. Churches ordered “Windblown” a transformed title, in bulk at 88,000 copies; then 300,000 copies.

The idea is to not give up writing your story. Whether your book will brand your business, or share part of your life that will change people’s lives, you need to start now.