Luxury Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom

Just Imagine

The shower is your place of repose. Calm, tranquil, you step into your haven of sparkling tiles and glittering light. You take off your clothes and step into the shower. You’re free. You feel light and anticipate the gentle, soothing rain of warm water that will wash away your stress and anxiety.

But before you step in, you step back. There is much to admire. The colored walls, the pristine wash-basin, the tastefully picked soap, the neatly arranged towels, the spotless mirror. The freshly cleaned bath rug is fluff and fragrant. The air is cool, suffused with incense. And then, you finger with pride, your luxurious shower curtain. Its texture, elegance and beauty is a fitting addition to the royal decor of your bathroom interior.

Snap To Reality

Apart from keeping water from splashing all over your bathroom, a shower curtain can do wonders for it’s looks. The bath being the most personal and important part of your house, investing in a luxury shower curtain is a great way to pamper yourself and show off your lovely get-away to guests (who’ll envy your top-notch lifestyle!).

Available in a range of colors, bold or fine designs, size and attachments, luxury shower curtains also come in a selection of fabric, ranging from sheer, satin, silks to polyester, vinyl, rayon, cotton and jute. Added richness comes from specialty weaves like knits and jacquard. Embroidery, macrame and lace elements, along with fabric gathering techniques like valances, fringes, swags, scarfs, jabots, balloons, tie-ups, tucks, gathers, ruffles and pleats, create a majestic opulence. Patterns include waffle weaves, diamond patterns, lattice patterns and many more.

Luxury shower curtains are mostly used with liners and are machine washable. Other accessories include curtain rods, hooks and rings. Keep in mind the size of your shower to purchase the correct length of rod or the number of hooks or rings required.

Ready For A Revamp?

Light up your bathroom and give your eyes a feast each time you step into your bath. ‘Restoration Hardware’ offers elegance with clean design and pastel colors, under bath linens section. ‘BedBathStore’ has an array of sheer and lace in their collections. Bold design and bright colors are offered by ‘Garnet Hill’. Designer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Eddie Bauer, DKNY, Regent and Bombay Dyeing also produce the luxury range and have retail in various stores. Department stores that offer a great collection are Target, Kohl’s and Macy’s.

You can learn more about designer shower curtains, and get much more information, articles and resources about shower curtains at bathroom shower curtains

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